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Moblogs Milestone 2 Plans

Today after an evening walk; I will try to start working on Moblogs Milestone 2. Here is the list of planned work. This is again the work on backend engine.

  • Security Implementation
    1. Add option to verify registered sender email id(s) (which the moblog owner(s) will register on the site.
    2. Add option to verify pin being included (I will pick one, please drop a comment what do you like better)
      1. Email to YourMoblogID-MoblogPin@moblogs.com.pk
      2. Email with subject YourMoblogPin<Space>YourSubject
  • Attachments

Many cell-phones have built in email client, and a person may be sending a picture as an attachment. (My mobile carrier still doesn’t provide SMTP relay; and my mobile phone doesn’t have SMTP auth; so I might be using MMS)

  • POP/IMAP based engine

Right now I have a privilege to configure email server(s) for my web site; but I might not be in similar position if I switch my job <smile /> I have planned to create a service which polls the POP/IMAP mailboxes and do all the processing. Earlier I implemented Windows SMTP service’ event sinks to do the processing.

I have to buy new carpets and curton for my son’s room; which we setup during his summer vacation. Today was his first day in his new class. (He is now in Nursury). Hopefully I will get the above done by the end of this week.

Published Monday, September 5, 2005 6:08 PM by khurram


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