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Windows Workflow Foundation

Has anyone checked Windows Workflow Foundation? Man its cool.

A colleague of mine has been developing workflow system for our company’s department (which is involved in generating 60% of my company’s revenue these days); and implementing things from scratch is really tough...But with frameworks like WWF things can be easier.

WWF has tight integration with Visual Studio .NET, you can work in code (C# or XML) or using their model /designer, and I love how you can debug right in the model/design view. It’s out of this world…

Workflow Resources: http://sharpcoders.net/default.aspx/SharpCoders.WorkflowSystems

Moblogs update: User interface work is still pending, (I don’t like coding front end applications </smile>) I think I will use .NET v2 for it; it will be a nice playground to learn webparts. I am watching DotNetNuke and Community Server; but I guess they both will take some time to update their code. Anyone willing to work with me on this? We write a mini portal engine using webparts and Atlas.. </smile>

Published Saturday, September 24, 2005 4:17 PM by khurram
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