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Atari 65XE

Here is my first computer; given to me as a gift by my uncle when I visited Saudia back in 1988. (I was 11 back then). I played games like Pacman and River Raid on it (and both of them were much enhanced comparing to Atari gaming console). I programmed lot of BASIC applications, including one game in which you have to control your car (which was represented by a few graphical characters) with the famous Atari joystick. It was fun writing code like

10 FOR I = 1 TO 5
20 PRINT “Hello World”

And then saving it to the cassette using CSAVE (Cassette SAVE) and remembering the cassette counter from where to where it’s being saved, and then loading it up using CLOAD.

Thank you Chachu; letting me have my first computer that eventually lead me to pursue my career in this field, and thank you for sending me those BASIC books that were hard to find in Pakistan in late 80s and early 90s

When I returned back home in 99 after graduation and setup my room I found it and checked, and it was working fine. Not sure if it still works or not. Need to know more about computer history? Check out these two videos about Tour of the Computer History Museum on MSDN's Channel 9.

Published Wednesday, October 5, 2005 10:11 AM by khurram
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