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Dependency Tracking

The second common problem in small to medium software development team is lack of dependency tracking. (The first problem is discussed under Naming Convention post) The implication of not doing tracking dependencies between different software components and objects is that tempo of software developers slows down on each change request; usually they start pushing the change till end of development cycle; and in the end they try doing different workarounds like making excuses or convincing client not to have that change. And if they have to make that change; its implemented usually in haphazard fashion and such unmanaged changes usually result poor quality product with lots of defects (ripples)

The other related problem is; even; some times dependencies are documented; but they are not being tracked properly over the whole cycle; the documents are not updated and often doesn’t reflect the actual implementation.

Lack of dependency tracking also creates lot of problems in maintenance cycles.

WIKI Updates

I have created Software Engineering page in which I am trying to categorize the related resources. I have created a Dependency Tracking page where I have written one practical example. This example is taken from our real world project and it is being scaled down for clarity.

Happy Ramadhan to all webbloggers and readers...

Published Friday, October 7, 2005 5:33 PM by khurram
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