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October Updates :: Earthquake - Shrimp and Weenies - LinkPoint - Google's RSS Reader

Few updates from my side

Earthquake: Many organizations, government departments and private companies are doing their job by setting up different relief activities. Many workers in my company have given their one day salary; and people in higher posts even more. FAST/NU is trying to setup a school in one of the affected area. Few doctors from my wife’s hospital are even going voluntarily to Bagh, one of the affected areas. Government hospitals; even in Lahore are preparing to arrange places for potential patients that might come down here. Patients are being moved to Islamabad and Rawalpindi hospitals; but unfortunately total capacity of hospitals in that region is not more than 600 beds; they will send patients down to Lahore when they will start overflowing, especially those patients whose conditions will be better. Major problem people facing up there is logistics and traveling: the doctors who are going there are informed that helicopters will take them to the region but they will not take them back; as there are so many patients and dead bodies in that area that on return flights; there is no room for the healthy persons.

I have mentioned only those activities that I know as first person.

Today, in morning I watched Mike Murray’s interview; the guy is working on a wonderful idea of giving small loans say 50$ to 150$ for long periods like 5-10 years; and they do it in mass; and best of all they give it to the deserving people; those who change their lives with these loans; like a poor widow in some remote area who buys sewing machine from the money; and start sending her children to school and after 10/15 years she is not only able to return the loan back but also to change the social setup of her family.

Aziz, asked about Credit card processing, I used LinkPoint API using which your visitor remains on your site and you send the transaction from your webserver to LinkPoint gateways. They provide .NET based APIs along with samples and good thing is; you don’t have to install anything; and it works seamlessly on shared hosting environments.

Google has launched web based RSS reader. Microsoft launched more or less the same thing few weeks back at http://start.com

Published Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:08 PM by khurram
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# re: October Updates :: Earthquake - Shrimp and Weenies - LinkPoint - Google's RSS Reader

Thursday, October 13, 2005 1:21 PM by aziz
Thanks for your credit card help. I will look into it.
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