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Few days I posted about specifying php.ini path; and Adnan posted a simpler technique to use php.exe as CGI and specifying ini path in command’s parameter.

Just wanted to say; no doubt his solution is much cleaner; but its good on development machines; on server side; especially the one who is serving some real world app; using PHP as CGI (php.exe) can be heavy; imagine 10 users hitting the server concurrently and each user sending three concurrent requests; you will be having 30 processes running; and increasing users with this fashion will start killing your server quickly comparing to using PHP as ISAPI module.

You might find lot of content on internet saying using PHP as ISAPI is not reliable; but most of them were written in PHP3 days when ISAPI integration was not matured enough. I myself has seen it working as ISAPI in shared hosting server pretty smoothly; and sometimes even better than Apache, no offence; and don’t post the usual comments advocating linux/unix and free software, yes I use them; I like them; but I don’t recommend them ( why? Some times later)

Published Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:23 PM by khurram


# re: PHP :: CGI or ISAPI

Thursday, October 13, 2005 12:32 AM by kadnan
yeah php3 setup on windows was hell,as far as not using php as CGI,i didn`t try the non CGI option but there is a parameter to disable php as CGI,you could use non CGI version of till php4 but when i applied same technique for php5,it didnt work at all,so i had to go for CGI option anyway,i didnt do much research as i didnt need a heavy application at all,there must be a solution at php.net

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