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Recent Development At My Workplace

There has been some interesting development at my current workplace. We sit down few days back and decided not to do any hybrid development anymore; we have picked .NET as our core development platform (Bye bye ASP and PHP; we will miss you) and C# as the preferred language. Luckily our boss is abroad; and we have few days available; all those who are not yet comfortable with .NET and C# are asked to avail this opportunity and learn this beautiful platform.

The other one is about project management; I had been trying different approaches like giving work in pieces; explaining the whole situation to everyone and then assigning work in pieces; assigning the whole stuff with a dead line (hard and soft); weekly work assignments, daily work assignments and other such techniques. The following ones work for me.

  • Explaining the whole situation in detail to everyone on the team including letting them know the deadline or the commitment if there is any.
  • Asking team to commit milestones and their deadlines
  • Keep pushing them with weekly reminders
  • Track the progress by daily sending the next day tasks and pending tasks, if any
  • Ask them to get their design and approach approved; and on such occasions ask them about any thing that they don’t know; and if you know anything from past experience share it with them so they prepare themselves better.
  • Give them technical assistance; visit them often in a day; and if they are struck anywhere and you know the solution; share your solution with them; but not in a way that do A then B and then C; tell when why and how to do A and then B and then C
  • And its fun managing software development projects </smile> the only thing I hate about my job duties is to track the attendances and giving warnings to my team; they I guess develop negative feelings about me. I hate manager ship for this reason; you become sandwich between your higher management and team fellows
Published Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:44 PM by khurram
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# re: Recent Development At My Workplace

Thursday, October 13, 2005 12:56 PM by aziz
Khurram bahee,
I am a little confused by your comments on my Credit Card Processing entry. I was expecting some help from you :) as your work for an ISP and may be you have worked on credit card processing.
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