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Validation :: Backend Handling Capacities

Today I debugged an interesting problem at my workplace. We are using CT (Computer Telephony) based call-centre for our support lines. Calls are recorded randomly and sent to a mailbox where different managers can hear them later.

Few weeks back; the voice mailbox size was increased so that records are kept for longer period of time. The mailbox start increasing and few days eventually the client console application using which the managers listen those recordings stopped loading.

I debugged the problem and found out that the application measure the size of the mailbox with bytes as unit; and the total mailbox size was so large that it was giving arithmetic overflow errors in database tier, data type used in the stored procedure for the sum(message.size) portion was of type int.

Anyways problem is solved; but I learned that; we should be careful in validations; and should also consider the backend systems and their capacities in those validations. The client application has an option to specify the mailbox size; but in terms of number of minutes of recordings; the application should convert those minutes into required capacity; and if it’s more than what it can handle it should not allow settings such larger values.

Happy coding

Published Wednesday, October 19, 2005 11:58 AM by khurram


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