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End of November (Almost)

Last few days had been hectic; there was a Chehlum ceremony last weekend; I brought my wife back to Lahore; back there at my in-law’s place; it’s very sad atmosphere; I suggested everyone that they should resume their normal life.

We also have brought in a new maid; my wife these days get annoyed often due to this non-trained maid <smile/> the only benefit we now have is that when Abdullah (my son) get free from school; we don’t have to worry about his meal.

Fahad has suggested coming Saturday night for the coffee’; well its hard to me to manage on weekend; as we have planned to go to my in-law’s place regularly next couple of weekends. How about some day next week? Make it little late (after dinner) or little early so we have some time for chit chat. How about 9PM coming Tuesday?

Visual Web Developer Express is cool; many of us might have disliked what Microsoft has done with web projects; but my younger brother who was very allergic to those web projects approach is very excited to see how easy he can setup web applications on his desktop now. I have started giving him small .NET tutorials in evenings; let’s see if I can manage to get him through. (Last time I failed) Is anyone has used it on some Active Directory network? For some unknown reason; I couldn’t managed to mount SQL Express databases of different starter kits; lot of weird errors; some were resolved; but still no luck.

And lastly, dialup connectivity sux; today my DSL modem is not getting synched with my carrier and I am stuck with this dialup.

Published Thursday, November 24, 2005 9:23 PM by khurram
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 11:46 AM by Khurram Aziz
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