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Broadband, VWD, Book, Coffee and Weblogs...

Broadband and our TELCO

Last night; my broadband connectivity is resumed; thanks to my provider for doing the hard work. One interesting fact; in winter; humidity increases in PTCL cabinets which some times result slower data communication. Voice calls doest affect so much; but if you are using dialup or DSL through these lines; you may experience slower connectivity. That said; no doubt; PTCL infrastructure is much stable than others like cable providers. My younger brother is using one such cable provider.

Visual Web Developer

I have been giving some time to it in last few days; facing some problems in setting up SQL Express data connections. On a standalone machine it works fine; but on a domain (active directory) machine I still cannot set it up.


I am found of reading; yes; I am even one of those who likes reading in toilets </smile> Yesterday; my wife had a night duty; me and Abdullah (my son) visited the book shop on our return; purchased couple of “writing practice” and story books for Abdullah and one book on System Analysis and Design for me. Just want to refresh my bookish knowledge…Its Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design by Simon Bennett, Steve McRobb and Ray Farmer. Book seems to be interesting; they have chosen two case studies to teach the concepts; one for examples and the other one for the end of chapter questions.


Thanks for considering my scenario; so 9PM Tuesday and “Bee’s Hive”, Lahore is done? Fahad please post its directions…fakeGeek thinks I can manage to find places; yes; sometimes its right; I try to reach on time and before leaving I keep the time margin to find the place; may be that’s why…


After looking on new things; like Technorati, TagCloud and Yahoo’s MyWeb2; I have serious plan to incorporate couple of things into our site as well to bring some more fun experience in weblogging. But I need help; especially from those who have experience with Community Server. I am expecting Fahad will help me out. Here are few raw ideas

  • Global Categories & Tagging
    • Add Global Categories; Weblogger can tag their posts from these categories; these global categories will have their separate RSS and web location; similar to TagCloud
    • Extending search; something on Yahoo’s MyWeb2 lines; you choose one global category; and then add more as sub category; to narrow down your search
    • Has anyone seen Martin Fowler’s BLIKI? I am inspired by how he posts. I even has setup BLIKI on my corporate intranet and using it for my personal use; I wish that we can bring out similar thing here
  • Sticking With Community Server?
    • Sometimes; I wish we can remove our dependency from Community Server; implementing lot of changes in core is scary; when new version comes from CS team; evaluating custom changes for new version and then incorporating them can be lengthy process.
  • Community Wishes
    • TODO / RSS Reader (CS 2 Beta 1 has it) and many others, come to the coffee party; we will discuss these there
Published Saturday, November 26, 2005 10:13 AM by khurram
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# re: Broadband, VWD, Book, Coffee and Weblogs...

Saturday, November 26, 2005 2:38 PM by fakeGeek
You are found guilty to this procastination again and whenever there is a guilt you have to suffer a little:)

# SQL Server 2005 Express :: Remote Desktop

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 11:45 AM by Khurram Aziz
In last few posts, here&amp;nbsp;and here; I had been complaining that I am not able to configure the SQL...
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