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SQL Server 2005 Express :: Remote Desktop

In last few posts, here and here; I had been complaining that I am not able to configure the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on machines which are part of the active directory.

Well; there was one stupid reason; I was doing that experiment in afternoon from my home machine. VWD/SQL Express were working fine on my home PC; because I was logged on locally; the other machines I was trying were remote; and I was using Remote Desktop to do those activities.

Today I thought that I must solve this matter once and for all; I googled and found an interesting fact; that if you are logged on remotely using remote desktop; even if user you are using is administrator and what not; you will not be able to create SQL Express Instances. VWD’s Starter Kit uses file based databases that get mounted to SQL Express; and this cannot be done if you are logged on remotely. After coming to office; I opened up the starter kit in VWD; checked the Database; and every thing was working fine…

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2005 11:44 AM by khurram
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