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Securing SubVersion Repository configured to use Windows Authentication

I recently needed to secure the SubVersion repository. I am using SubVersion with Apache on Windows; configured to use Active Directory for user authentication [1, 2].

The interesting thing I found out that setting up ACL you ends up with a system which is case sensitive; especially for users having WRITE access. So if your AuthzSVNAccessFile file has entries similar to following; you have to give user name in upper case; like SHARPCODERS\KHURRAM


* = r
@dev = rw

On [2] its mentioned that a new Authentication module for Apache is out which you can configure for case insensitivity; I will try that when I setup a new SubVersion server.


  1. Flanakin Weblog (Setting up Windows Authentication for SubVersion with Apache)
  2. SubVersionary Wiki (Setting up Windows Authentication for SubVersion with Apache)
  3. My Post (SubVersion Quick Start Resources)
Published Thursday, December 1, 2005 3:57 PM by khurram


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