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Running ASP.NET (v1.1) Portal Starter with SQL Express and ASP.NET v2 Development Server

My younger brother has moved back after completing his graduate studies. He is in phase of deciding what-to-do-next. My son got pneumonia last week; we took him to our home town at grand parents place, they being doctors; are treating him; and this week he will be staying there with them. So; this week; we (me and my wife) are all alone and we already have started missing them both.

This weekend; we elongated our stay till Monday afternoon; as my wife had a night duty on Monday. On this longer weekend, I got a chance to work a bit on my younger brother’s machine on which I installed Visual Web Developer few weeks back. I am trying to convince him how cool ASP.NET is; comparing to PHP (which he prefers working with)

I converted the ASP.NET Portal Starter Kit; my all time favorite project to teach; to ASP.NET v2 and SQL Express. It’s working fine with ASP.NET v2 Development Server (Cassini) and SQL Express. I am making SQL Express database and portal's code (if it’s some how prohibited and enforced by Microsoft; let me know; I will remove it) available over SubVersion; my all time favorite source code control system. If you want to see it; check-out http://sharpcoders.net:8000/portal/trunk (You can also browse the HEAD revision using any browser as well) I will recommend to use TortoiseSVN; a very good SVN client which is tightly integrated with Windows Explorer.

Repository Login/Password: anonymous/public

I have planned to update it in phases as we learn the new ASP.NET v2 features.

Published Tuesday, December 13, 2005 5:11 PM by khurram
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# re: Running ASP.NET (v1.1) Portal Starter with SQL Express and ASP.NET v2 Development Server

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 4:59 PM by khurram
Repository URL is changed to http://sharpcoders.net:8000/psk2

/trunk folder is the main development branch; things will be committed into this from different branches

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