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Last year, I volunteered to fix a web application which had some serious security issues. It’s being built using ASP (classic) platform. While working on it; I needed some mechanism with which I can capture all the requests, parse the parameters being sent (form, cookies, query string etc) and if any malicious item exists handle the request accordingly. I started working on ISAPI filter line, but soon I realized that the application is a public site and is hosted on a shared hosting server where setting up ISAPI filter is not very good choice.

I wrote a small ASP script that does what was required; now I was left to include this script in all the ASP pages of the web application. I coded a small utility that “prefix” the desired content in all the asp pages. Later I incorporated that code into “FileUtility” application that I use on my workplace. Today I have uploaded the code into SharpCoders repository, and I hope it will help someone some day <smile />.

Feel free to use it anywhere and modify it, and if you want to share your enhancements/modification with us, let me know I will setup the repository login for you.

Repository URL: http://sharpcoders.net:8000/fileutility/trunk
Repository Credentials: Login/Password = anonymous/public

FileUtility.exe [Option]
   synch c:\somefolder c:\someotherfolder
   synch c:\somefolder c:\someotherfolder _svn
     Files and folders from c:\somefolder will be synched into c:\someotherfolder, _svn folders will be ignored in source
   prefix c:\somefolder *.asp c:\filewithtext.txt
     Content in all *.asp files of c:\somefolder will be prefixed with whats written in c:\filewithtext.txt

Published Wednesday, January 4, 2006 2:54 PM by khurram


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