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Portal Starter Kit :: Membership And Role Provider

Today I again worked on my PSK2 thingy. I wanted to make a proof of concept by implementing a custom membership and role provider on ASP.NET v2 platform to show how easy things can get and how one can integrate it even with existing applications.

I took some time, at my work and implemented these two custom providers. I preferred Portal Starter Kit again, (a) everyone on my team understand its working so we can talk about it in a comfortable way (b) the hard work is already done, I just had to write a wrapper around its UsersDB and RolesDB classes.

I have another idea around how it uses user controls and how to make use of them with master pages. I might be staying this weekend in Lahore, so I am looking forward to spare some time to implement that idea. Once it will be done, I will commit that version to SharpCoders repository.

Published Thursday, January 5, 2006 9:45 PM by khurram
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