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I was free today; so I planned to upgrade mySQL database server, which is used by some our intranet applications at my workplace. I moved things to mySQL version 5. I dumped the databases; remove previous mySQL service; installed mySQL 5 in separate location. Recreated databases and users and imported the data. Earlier databases were using myISAM; but this time I am using InnoDB. I had to update the dumped scripts; removing storage type in each create table line.

Our CRM system which is a modified versions of SugarCRM; stopped working; after a little search I found out that by default mySQL 5 has STRICT_TRANS_TABLE enabled, which our CRM system was not liking. I removed it from my.ini and things started working. mySQL doesn’t come with any documentation out of box; I tried mySQL site and leading search engines; but no clues what STRICT_TRANS_TABLE setting does.

If time permit; I will invest some time in exploring mySQL 5’s new features; but its not that criticial anymore; as we started to move our CRM storage sub-system from mySQL to SQL; and now that SQL Server 2005 Express is free and has hundreds of extra feature than mySQL; working with mySQL for work use or for personal learning is no longer that important <smile />

mySQL and SQL-Express Comparison – my opinions

  • SQL-Express is based on proven engine
  • SQL-Express has much better development and administration tool; which is free
  • SQL-Express supports standard SQL language more than mySQL
  • SQL-Express has built in CLR support
  • SQL-Express supports XML storage
  • The development cost with SQL-Express is comparatively less than mySQL

What do you think? Now that Microsoft and Oracle’s proven database engines are free; where does mySQL engine stands with its lagging features?

Published Saturday, January 14, 2006 3:39 PM by khurram
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