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Project :: SNMP based Graphing System

I need to get the following software developed. Please use CONTACT ME option on my weblog and make your bids along with time that you think will require to build it. If you need any other information; please use the same.


There exists a device that can be polled over SNMP*. There exists a database having ids and description of the clients. For each client; a unique SNMP Object ID is also stored in the database. For this OID; the value of current usage can be retrieved from the device. Glitch is; client comes and go; but OIDs remain there; however for any given time; one particular OID is bound to one particular client.

Its required that a graph of any particular client can be seen of their usage for a given day (24 hours) and week (7 days) (Something similar to MRTG)


Complete compilable code along with binaries (no fancy setup requires) for

    • A Windows Service, that will poll the device and generate data for graphing.
    • A web application using ASP/ASP.NET, from where graphs can be viewed.
    • A document with step by step guide to compile and setting things up

*IPWorks SNMP Toolkit or any other open source library can be used. If any other toolkit is used; runtime license will need to be provided and should be included in your bid/rate.

**Please note; through the point applications are required; i-e managing clients and their OIDs, authentication in web app etc is not in the scope. Also note that code should be easy to maintain and should adhere to industry coding standards.

Published Thursday, January 19, 2006 7:21 PM by khurram
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