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Asp.NET v2 Compilation Model

As said before; ASP.NET v2 compilation model is slightly different than its previous versions. In ASP.NET v2; assembly for each page is generated; thus; theoretically speaking you can have each page written using its own language. However its not yet achievable in ASP.NET v2 implementation; the only thing you can get right now is to define codeSubDirectories; and with that; each sub directory can have code in different language (supported by CLR). This is how it looks in the web.config file

         <add directoryName="myCompany"/>

Here, Charles Nurse is talking about how C# developers can now get involved into DotNetNuke. However I am little annoyed by this new ASP.NET v2 compilation model. As each folder gets compiled/build separately, if your web project has too many folders; building and setting up debugger will take considerable time each time you hit F5. As for last few days I am working on DNN4 project which has lot of folders; here is what I have done to make this whole process little quick.

  • I setup the DotNetNuke as http://localhost/myPortal; mapped to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\myPortal
  • Then in the solution I added another local file-system based web site (another new cool feature of Visual Studio) pointing to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\myPortal\DesktopModules\MyCompany; I had to add web.config file in MyCompany folder
  • I developed my required user controls and when I was happy with them; I inherited them from DNN’s base control using DotNetNuke project

Microsoft has made available the old style web-project (now they call them Web Application Project); but I have not yet tried it; as right now I have just one machine with Visual Studio 2005 installed and I am afraid of polluting my workstation with beta bits <smile />

Published Saturday, January 21, 2006 9:07 PM by khurram
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