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Host Your Domain on GMail - Borland IDEs

Microsoft introduced hosting your domain’s mailboxes at their Hotmail System for free. fakeGeek introduced us to that. The signup process was straight forward; I got one of the domain hosted their within a day; but they offer very limited mailbox space. Now you can host your domains at GMail; with whooping 2 gigs of mailbox; but their signup process at this moment is little cumbersome; you have to enroll in the beta program; and they will evaluate you first.

Borland’s CEO has announced that they are seeking a buyer for their IDE product lines; they themselves want to focus only on ALM (application lifecycle management) only. Read more about it at TheServerSide. Now that IDE’s are getting free like NetBeans/Eclipse, Express editions from Microsoft, bundled offers from IBM and Oracle; the business strategies of leading vendors are changing, Borland and Microsoft are going into Software Process, IBM, Oracle and BEA are focusing on the application servers.

Published Monday, February 13, 2006 12:02 PM by khurram
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