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Do we use computer for our personal benefit?

The company where I work; got consulting services of accounting firm for external audits; and they have recommended to improve our accounting practices; and for that starting from this year; we are trying to implement one leading commercial accounting package in our company. I am lucky enough to work on this endeavor; and I am looking forward to learn a-b-c of formal accounting. Back in 90’s when we were doing our under-grad studies; accounting was not taught to computer science students; so some of the things are pretty new to me; like Accrual base Reporting, and what is the difference between Customer and Vendor in terms of finance etc

I have started reading accounting book of my younger brother; and I am enjoying it; I even downloaded Microsoft Money 2006’s Trial (180 days are more than enough) at home and I am hoping that I will be able to use it for my personal finance </smile>. Accounting is I guess one of the first fields that get computerized; and I wonder how many of us, as individuals; uses computer other that at our workplace for some constructive work; excluding enhancing our skills (browsing etc) and entertainment (audio/video and games). Most of us uses our professional skills for our contractors or employers!

Published Wednesday, February 15, 2006 11:53 AM by khurram
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