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Information :: Done with gathering; what about conumption?

We had been introducing automation at different points; with this; lot of data has been generated; which in past might have lost in those big registers archived in stores for rats; but now all that information in accessible. Thanks to the technologies; having gigs of data is routine in small to medium sized modern enterprises.

Question is; having all that information in digital; are we consuming it in some reasonable manner? Few months back I was attending a seminar; it was promotional; but speaker had some interesting facts that he shared; and one of it was in today’s rapid and challenging world; the only edge in your business will be how you are consuming the information, one very good example he gave was of DELL; how they have made progress even in presence of IBM, HP and Compaq.

Is your organization generating and consuming the information reasonably?

Published Tuesday, March 14, 2006 12:40 PM by khurram
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