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Information Management :: Establishing Measurement Plan

Last weekend in a family get together; there was a discussion going on epidemic diseases; that eventually turns out the purity of food items being sold in market. One of my cousin has a farm and supplies milk to commercial local company; he was telling that how milk quality is measured. He told that earlier; density of the milk was used for the quality measure; but it came out that with temperature differences; density varies. Then they started measuring temperature as well; and readings are compared with a scale. Now they use more sophisticated method; that involves measuring few other things like presence of different items, e-g Calcium density in a given sample of specific density at specific temperature.

The point I am trying to make is; establishing measurement technique is very important for Information Management in general; you should have clear idea what are your goals and target; the measurement scale/technique that will be used to verify/measure the progress; what needs to be measure; and how it will be measured. Once this is all documented/verified/agreed upon; then you can orchestrate the technical activities for better information management; that I talked about. This phase is very critical; you need assistance and guidance of business analysts having inside out information; at the same time you need feedbacks from the enterprise management. In short you need to define what stake holders are interested in.

Next I will discuss technical issues involved for the information management (its better term than information consumption). Stay tuned!

Published Thursday, March 16, 2006 7:20 PM by khurram
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