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Sharepoint / ASP.NET v2 / Smart Part :: Required permissions cannot be acquired

Today I updated few internal Sharepoint based applications to ASP.NET v2. Before using ASP.NET v2 with Sharepoint; you need to install Service Pack 2 of Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS). I was using SmartPart to use ASCX based user controls in Sharepoint. You need to use “Son of SmartPart” if you are using ASP.NET v2. It took considerable time to tweak the things; giving Full Trust to the app if you are using ASP.NET v2/Son of SmartPart/User Controls solved my “Required permissions cannot be acquired”. I will re-look it to find out the exact required CAS policy.

With all this effort; I was able to even migrate my DotNetNuke 4 (ASP.NET v2) based application to Sharepoint; thanks to “Son of SmartPart”. Things look great in Sharepoint; I don’t have to manage multiple apps anymore; having single web.config and security model is big relief! One another good thing I have done is to start using Windows Authentication between web server and database server. No need to update those connection strings when you change passwords…NTLM rocks!

Published Friday, March 17, 2006 7:53 PM by khurram


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