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Agile Documentation in Database Layer

If you are maintaining a database; you might have adopted some mechanism to maintain notes; like what was changed; any discovery; documentation and sometime even queries performed so that things can be rolled back.

In past; I have used .txt/.sql files, and then I started emailing the stuff to a separate folder (project wise) to recall the things later. I finally started using Outlook’s Journal to store such things; the only problem with that is that I cant easily share my notes/performed activities in the team environment.

Recently we have adopted a more agile form; we post the notes as a database objects within the database; (we are using stored procedures at this moment) and believe me; it’s really awesome. They get backed up along with the database; further can easily be shared (people with permissions can view each other info) and best of all; you don’t even have to leave your IDE/tool…

  • I wish that similar to diagram thing in SQL Server; there is an option to have “Journal” option to store within the database itself.
  • I will not mind the support of namespace in TSQL; we wish to categorize our stored procedures; currently we are doing this by following a naming convention; but having option of namespaces will be great.

Thanks to all, who have sent/commented well wishes for my father. Alhamdullilah he is much better; discharged from CCU. Next week he will be having an Angiography…We all are praying for the best…

Published Tuesday, April 25, 2006 6:44 PM by khurram
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