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Enterprise Source Control with Visual Studio Team System

Enterprise Source Control with Visual Studio Team System
A very good tutorial; showing version control and related features of Visual Studio Team System!
Instead of creating $Project source control root for your development; create following nodes

$Project/branches; use this to create branches
$Project/tags; use this to create "read only" branches; useful to create snapshots for milestones, releases or variations
$Project/trunk; use this for your development

Under $Project/trunk create

$Project/trunk/bin; for binaries being used; like unit testing tools; build tools etc
$Project/trunk/docs; for documentation; you can create subfolders for third party docs
$Project/trunk/lib; for third party libraries
$Project/trunk/src; for your source

Make sure you are referencing third party libraries and tools from above paths; so that if the solution is checked out on some other workstation; project structures continue to work.

The above approach is inspired from SubVersion; my all time favourite open source versioning control system.

Published Monday, July 17, 2006 3:22 PM by khurram


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