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August 2006 - Posts

FormView / DetailsView and "Failed to load viewstate.."

This took considerable time to fix! Gotcha: If a page hides and unhidesDetailsView/FormView controls, it may produce a bogus “Failed to load viewstate…” error message Fix: Set “EnableViewState” property to False for each of the DetailsView/FormView controls
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5th CTP of Visual Studio Team System for Database Professional

DataDude (Team System for Database Professional)' 5th CTP is released recently. It features Schema management (similar to SQL Enterprise or Management Studio) the difference is instead of working on some "physical database" it works on "virtual database";
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August Updates

About myself: last few weeks had been busy in implementing a brand new accounting system in our enterprise. We are now documenting and updating our internal operations; and this time "Financial System" is the core; before this; "Operational System" had
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Books on Team Foundation Server

I have started reading Addison Wesley’s Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System . (SE with MSVSTS) SE with MSVSTS is overall a nice book but I would not recommend; I was looking for some material through which I can learn how one

MSBuild Tasks

MSBuild is the new build platform bundled with Microsoft.NET v2 runtime. The beauty of MSBuild is its openness; in terms of using file formats based on XML and powerful API for plug-inability. The Visual Studio 2005 (VS) uses MSBuild as well. The project
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