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Books on Team Foundation Server

I have started reading Addison Wesley’s Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. (SE with MSVSTS)

SE with MSVSTS is overall a nice book but I would not recommend; I was looking for some material through which I can learn how one can use MSVSTS in general and Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (MSTFS) in particular in the given environment; either as-is out of the box or by incorporating enhancements using a very strong API that is being provided. Unfortunately this book doesn’t cover such topics; it follows Microsoft’s Solutions Frameworks and cover MSVSTS in these perspective only. Another book that I found in this effort is Wrox’ Professional Visual Studio Team System; but this book has very less coverage on MSTFS and mostly is about how to set things up.

Published Thursday, August 10, 2006 7:16 PM by khurram


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