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August Updates

About myself: last few weeks had been busy in implementing a brand new accounting system in our enterprise. We are now documenting and updating our internal operations; and this time "Financial System" is the core; before this; "Operational System" had been treated as the core, which I am very much proud of. I have mix feeling that my "baby project" is loosing its importance, but overall its fun; I have learned many "Accounting Terms" I was not familiar with before.

Other than that; I had been reading books about Visual Studio Team System. Last week I found another book; and this time its on net; PDF version is available of Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. (If anyone needs it contact me).

Now I am waiting anxiously for MS Press’ Managing Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Happy birthday Developer, and sorry that I couldn't give much time to "Project Silver Bullet".

We started planning migrating our internal app that has comparable feature set, guess what we are even changing its platform from PHP to ASP.NET! Its under active development these days; extensive use of "Provider Pattern" Cool

"Working Ethics" my friend Tongue Tied

Published Wednesday, August 23, 2006 2:02 AM by khurram
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