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5th CTP of Visual Studio Team System for Database Professional

DataDude (Team System for Database Professional)' 5th CTP is released recently. It features

  • Schema management (similar to SQL Enterprise or Management Studio) the difference is instead of working on some "physical database" it works on "virtual database"; you can however import initial schema from "physical database" and can also publish your changes from "virtual" to "physical". Little different approach; but its sweet!
  • Unit testing; one can easily create unit tests for stored procedures, and now even triggers; C# (or VB) based testing project; calling up the stored procedure; all automated
  • Schema and Data Compare; you can even generate TSQL for the delta apart of publish changes
  • Data Generation Plan; with which you can populate your development/staging database to run unit / stress and other similar tests
  • Integrated TSQL Editor; that you can use to execute your adhoc queries

Apart of these feature; there are many extendability points in the overall system. This CTP has enabled even more scenarios!

I have started using it since its 3rd CTP; mainly for its schema compare. I am trying to use its other features on current project. My expereince so far is awesome! They really have hit the sweet point!

Published Wednesday, August 23, 2006 7:43 PM by khurram


# re: 5th CTP of Visual Studio Team System for Database Professional

Thursday, August 24, 2006 11:06 PM by khurram
This CTP crashes Visual Studio when you try to compare the schema or import the schema from a remote server using the login which is ONLY dbo of the given database. 4th CTP didnt had this issue! This CTP reads more configuration of the database; VS crashes when it tries to read the "filegroups" setting!

Hoping that next CTP / RC will fix this thing.
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