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November 2006 - Posts

Testing blogmailr

Testing http://blogmailr.com If it works; with http://blogmailr.com you can publish on your weblogs using any email system; you need to configure your blog (it works with http://weblogs.com.pk ) and it let you have a special email address; then all you
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Introducing MyMSBuildTasks.SqlDataSourceTask

ASP.NET v2’s SqlDataSource is great; but for small apps or while doing prototyping / inception. It starts creating problem in later stages of mid to big level projects. In such cases; we might want that with each release; all SqlDataSources being used

Knowing current SPROC name

Instrumentation though usually a "non-functional requirement"; but its considered to be critical especially in "enterprise class application". For this we usually need to know what is the current part of code being executing; against which we can log
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Writing a Simple Authentication Provider for DNN 4.3+

Fareed posted about creating custom authentication module for DNN4. With 4.3; they have again changed the authentication implementation. For 4.3; you will be doing these steps instead Reference Dotnetnuke and Dotnetnuke.Provider.AspNetProvider assemblies
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