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WPF/E - Second CTP

WPF/E’s second CTP is available.

WPF on the whole is fascinating, both for designers and developers. There is yet no released tool available, Microsoft Expressesion Blend’s Beta is available. The program’s UI is itself very interesting. This tool will become the “official” WPF tool for designer (like Flash Professional for Flash designer). Next Visual Studio (Orcas) will be the “official” tool for developers. My understanding so far is that both the tools will not support WPF/E in its full, which is quite sad. However WPF/E being XML based and subset of WPF, we will be able to use these tools (and might be other from third party vendors).

WPF/E’s widgets are programmed using JavaScript, its get integrated quite well with other Web frameworks/tools from Microsoft like their AJAX Library. Scott Guthrie even announced that final version of WPF/E runtime will (might) have support of subset of CLR; which will enable even .NET programmers to do WPF/E programming. It’s a must try framework, and I think WPF/E and Flex 2 like tools and frameworks will change the looks of web applications we will be developing this year.
WPF/E will (might) be available for mobile devices as well. Which will be fun!
Published Saturday, February 3, 2007 1:13 PM by khurram
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