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Why Flash is bad...

I commented to Adnan’s recent post on Cheaper Solutions to Flash Lite post; saying that Flash is not serious platform.

In my opinion; Flash has always been weak and failed to attract the system/solution developers. Their Flash IDE was not at all developer friendly. I have used Flash in early 2000s when we happen to see Flash based sites everywhere. I co-developed a complete flash based site which was integrated with backend servers using “load variables”; back then Flash even didn’t had XML support. I was not impressed at that time with it; it had good animation and art work features; which my colleague exploited well. It was pain in the a$$ back then developing flash based dynamic sites. ActiveX and even Java Applets were much better options from programming view point. Then I tried their MX version; Action Script was cool; but IDE was again the main problem. Then I tried their Flex 1; but Java Server was bottleneck and my proposal didn’t get approved. Lately I have used their Flex 2 and we even shipped one project which is currently in use in production…things now appear to be going in right direction.  Flex; especially Flex 2 is the first right step they have taken for developers, but there are still many pitfalls.

Read Jesse Ezell’s Silverlight vs. Flash: The developer story; which he has summarized many other good points. I am looking forward for my son’s summer vacations and my semester’s end; hopefully I will get enough time to get my hands dirty with Microsoft’s latest CTPs like Orcas, ASP.NET Futures, Silverlight and especially their Dynamic Language Runtime.

Published Monday, May 28, 2007 2:48 PM by khurram
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