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January 2008 - Posts

Php Installer and IIS6

PHP's latest installer (PHP5) can setup IIS6 to use PHP; there is a small glitch if you install the PHP in the default location which usually is "C:\Program Files\PHP". The installer setup the 8.3 DOS file naming convention for ISAPI mapping
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Vista Tips

Hibernation To Hibernate; use >shutdown /h , I cant find any menu for this in Vista atleast here at my workstation! To disable hibernation (to save some diskspace) use >powercfg –h off Windows Desktop Search If UPS is not working; disabling
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Why Snmp Traps?

In continuation to my last post on highlighting Snmp Trap, mostly sysadmins uses Snmp based polling; MRTG, RRD etc...such sysadmins might ask why Snmp Traps when we already are polling? Polling is part of “monitoring”; another important pieces are analysis
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SNMP Traps - Low Diskspace Notification from Windows

Infrastructure Things get changed with time; having solid and generic infrastructure is must….DNS is good thing for this; ACLs should be based on DNS names instead of IPs…We should use “private DNS Servers” for our internal network devices….Use A records
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