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First Look: Microsoft Silverlight 3

Microsoft announced beta of Silverlight 3 featuring lot of Media Improvement (which shows their commitment to continue to add attractions in Silverlight so it become the preferred media delivery platform) and tons of improvement around Line of Business…they still lacking printing support! (and webcam/microphone support which would be great for web VoIP dialers)

You can get the developer runtime, the development and designing tool (Visual Studio and Blend 3) from http://silverlight.net/getstarted/silverlight3 (Sad part is; your Silverlight 2 tools will need to be uninstalled and yet you cannot do Silverlight 2 development with these new beta/preview tools). So either get a separate machine or prepare a virtual machine! Fortunately I have a spared Windows Server installed on my notebook which I require time to time to try out some server pieces…but I am super busy till mid of April (both at work and at home)

To compliment beta of Silverlight 3; a free ebook whose title is the title of this post is available here!

Published Monday, March 23, 2009 5:01 PM by khurram
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