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I am stuck in pushing a project to its “end” this month…still few more steps to do..but we are seeing the end! I had a feeling that I am giving the most and doing the kind of work which I am not supposed to do…I wanted to confirm it statistically..so I asked at StackOverFlow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/796926/team-foundation-subversion-who-has-how-much-contrribution-in-the-repository

BigToe there directed me to StatSVN!

StatSVN retrieves information from a Subversion repository and generates various tables and charts describing the project development, e.g. timeline for the lines of code, contribution of each developer etc. The current version of StatSVN generates a static suite of HTML or XDOC documents containing tables and chart images.

My repository is Team Foundation Server based, I setup SvnBridge to access my repository with SubVersion clients..everything worked..it took some time but I had some interesting facts

  1. 79.9% of the code in our repository is written by me and rest by my peer (we are two member team assigned ourselves to push this project to its end by the end of this calendar month)
  2. My peer revise 15% of the code they commit earlier and I do 20% (which is reasonable as I also review his code and it increases my share of code as depicted in [1] :)
  3. The top activity is during 7PM – 8PM; ah that’s why my wife is not very happy with me these days
  4. Tuesday and Wednesday are good for project, Friday is worst and Saturday is second last..my teammate is from out station…interesting fact to consider while composing next team
  5. 25% is the pure code (C# in our case), rest is others (auto generated, web resources etc)
  6. The two most lengthy (and hence bad smelled) classes are ****** and ******
  7. The two most touched files (hence poorly thought) are ***** and ******
  8. I have good productivity in the start of the week and drops in the end (I am working remote and visit the work place at the end of the week)
  9. My fellow worker’s productivity (commits) increases from Tuesday till Thursday and then drastically fall, hmm seems like as he is from out of station his weekend’s travels is affecting badly
  10. I was active on code from 33%th day till end and my fellow team workers got the pace from 50%th day till 70%th day and since then its falling
  11. 45% of the time my teammate is working in UI layer; hmm..we still need to put more efforts to mature business layer and bring code pieces from UI layer to business layer

The last two are interesting, it appears that my teammate has not relevant exposure and being junior in career he is unable to help during the last and start of the sprint…I should arrange trainings and couch him how to push his boundry (from start as well as end) i-e designing and architecting skills….requirement elicitation skills…refactoring skills…skills for getting the bugs fixed fastly…and do something that he realizes how to put balanced effort across all layers…UI layer should be lean and should not take 45% of efforts!

As soon as this ends…I need a break :) Boss!! I have the figures now..

And the reason why I could not blog regularly

Published Wednesday, April 29, 2009 2:16 PM by khurram


# re: StatSVN

Thursday, May 7, 2009 10:45 PM by naveed

Very nice analysis, it can be a useful tool for leads and supervisors as well.

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