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May 2009 - Posts

19 Reasons Why Microsoft is Huge with Developers

Application Development- 19 Reasons Why Microsoft Is Huge with Developers (and 1 Reason Why Not) The 1 reason why not, its cent percent true!
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Debugging Ajax Applications

There are number of tricks in debugging JavaScript / Ajax Applications, its very hard to explain new developers in team and I was looking for some nice article to use as reference. The tutorial at asp.net  http://www.asp.net/learn/ajax/tutorial-06-cs.aspx
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Run Silverlight Apps on Your Mobile Phone!

Get the SkyFire from http://m.skyfire.com , a free browser for S60-3rd Edition (Nokia N/E Series) and Windows Mobile 5 (and above) which supports Silverlight and Flash 10 along with JavaScript/Ajax support… Visit http://skyfire.com for more info!
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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is available to try. Don't forget to download the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit – May Preview Pros Further Improved JavaScript intelli-sence Work side by side with Visual Studio 2008 HTML Snippets Loads
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Sending SMS Using AT Commands

GSM Phones can be hooked with your PC and the drivers that usually come with them get it configured as Modem. Once setup, you can open the serial port and send AT commands to it and with it can send SMS! A friend of mine asked for some utility to send
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