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Windows Phone 7 - The Real Smart Phones?

Few weeks back I was in process of choosing my new smart phone. I figured out that iPhone is just a buzz and has become sort of status symbol. Symbian is dying; Nokia is left behind alone and others have moved away to Android. S60v5 is the latest and I guess the last release as Nokia is positioning to use Maemo (Linux underneath) for its next smart phones. Nokia’s N900; the first Maemo powered Smart Phone is still expensive and not very good as a phone (my opinion). Android looks promising..but I picked Nokia’ N97 (S60v5) knowing that it might become obsolete soon…but who cares :) Its Nokia; it will keep working and there’s so much already out there for S60v5 in particular and S60 in general…that I dont mind it becoming obsolete soon! Symbian is not very developer friendly especially for developers like us who have become addicted to DOT…DOT and I wished that Net60; the .NET CF runtime for S60 from Red Five Labs, was donated to community before Red Five Labs closed itself down :(

Lately I have become addicted to PodCasts and VideoCasts and my N97 for some weird reasons don't play High Quality WMVs :( I want to get some device with Wi-fi support and which can download / play podcasts / videocasts through RSS/Atom feeds. ZuneHD has become the preferred one; but haven't yet got it as its not available in local market! While surfing around comparing ZuneHD and iPod Touch; and was surprised why the heck Microsoft don't simply add GSM/GPRS support in ZuneHD and it can become a kick ass iPhone killer (ZuneHD has two CPU and dedicated GPU); and I think this is exactly what Microsoft is doing; enhancing Zune’ OS to support phone capabilities and have made it generalized to support different hardware vendors. Windows Phone 7 is announced yesterday and I think it has enough juice to strike back and it will become a real competitor when the devices will be available late this calendar year. I still think that Microsoft should release hardware of their own for Windows Phone 7; might be as a successor of ZuneHD and as a reference hardware for Windows Phone 7 just like Google is doing with NexusOne even though it may not liked by its partner!

Another interesting aspect I listened about on one podcast is that mobile devices is becoming powerful; LG / Toshiba etc already has released devices running at 1GHz; devices with large memory is becoming common…two to three years down the road; will there be need of special mobile OS? The trimmed down versions of normal desktop OS like Windows or Apple might be running on mobile devices. Anyways I am tuned to Mix10 (next month) where more development related details will become available for Windows Phone and hopefully Silverlight for Mobile. I guess 2010 will be good for mobile development.

Published Tuesday, February 16, 2010 2:11 PM by khurram
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 3:00 PM by Khurram


8Min segment where Eric Traut talked about and showed MinWin; 25Meg trimmed down Win7 running web server in 32Meg memory!

# re: Windows Phone 7 - The Real Smart Phones?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 5:27 PM by khurram

http://meego.com, Meego = Maemo (Nokia) + Moblin (Intel)

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