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Simple Accounting Software

Being in Software Industry; I am often contacted by people who are looking for a “simple accounting software” (or some time simple retail software) and often say they need very simple thing which might need 1 to 2 developer month time of development…Some even try this; and then come back after 3-6 months blaming software developers that they could not deliver what they wanted. Problem lies that they are not putting up enough requirements and not defining the scope well enough.

For all these people I suggest to look for some entry level accounting or retail software and evaluate them. If you come across with some package that full fill the requirements; its better to pay the vendors and get such off the self product. You will save your time and can start using something right away.

If budget is the concern; with a simple search on Google you can find many open source “Accounting Software” “Retail Software” or some “mini ERP”. Its not a bad idea to try them out; you might expereince some issues in setting up these packages; you can hire or find someone in family or social circle who is well versed with setting up such desktop / web applications with databases (usually mySQL or SQL Server).

If you need customization, you can even try to engage some mid level developer to go through the code of such open source package. You can Google such free launce developers in your area or can find them on sites like Rent A Coder or oDesk. If you able to find a developer who has listed your preferred package in his resume / online profile; it might cost you less as such developer already know your package and can guide you quickly what's possible and how much time / money it will cost you for the customizations you might be looking for.

Published Sunday, January 9, 2011 9:46 PM by khurram
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