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January 2014 - Posts

Real-world Entity Framework :: Mixing DbContext and ObjectContext

Entity Framework 4 had the POCO (Plain Old CLR/C# Object) support; but it was almost non usable. Things kept improving; there was once POCO T4 template ( its walkthrough from ADO.NET team ) to generate POCOs from EDMX model. With different 4.x releases

Real-world Entity Framework :: Connection Strings

Entity Framework is nice addition to .NET developer toolbox; but like most of the things there are some tricks in using it in real-world. The first hurdle that I guess most of us face; having multiple models; but pointing to same database. The Visual

Entity Framework 4.x

Recently; got a chance to work on an old EF4/MVC3 app. The only constraint was to keep things in Visual Studio 2010 and deployable to IIS6/.NET4/SQL2005 etc. We decided to upgrade the project to the latest and greatest! We chalked out the features that

The Visual Studio 2010

Its time to say sayonara to my good old development machine that I have been abusing for quite some time; bought it when Vista came out; and one needed a machine with better graphics to run its Aero desktop. Visual Studio 2010 will surely going to be
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