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Dotnetnuke 6.x and Ajax Control Toolkit

Ajax Control Toolkit (ACT) is commonly used control library among ASP.NET Webforms projects; much more used than Telerik! Dotnetnuke (DNN) 6.x were awesome releases given they finally replaced VB.NET with C# but sadly they started using Telerik Web UI controls. The Dotnetnuke 6.x is now a maintenance only branch and they never released true .NET4 DNN6 release; due to which; they all have Telerik assemblies compiled for .NET 3.5 and this becomes problematic when your DNN module project is .NET4 and you want to use ACT!

ScriptManager is used to load Javascript libraries embedded in .NET assemblies; newer ACT releases likes to use its own ToolkitScriptManager (TSM) instead of ASP.NET’s ScriptManager. Same is the case with Telerik Web UI; it has its own RadScriptManager (RSM) and these two don’t like each other; if you add TSM in your module’s ASCX it will throw exception that ScriptManager is already added and without TSM, ACT’s controls will misbehave!

The solution is; either find Telerik Web UI assembly for .NET 4 and compile DNN from source; i-e version ending with something.40 instead of something.35 (for instance DNN 6.2.9 has 2012.2.724.35) or instead of using NUGET for ACT; reference some older version of ACT assembly compiled for .NET3.5  that doesn’t require the TSM and can happily use the Telerik’s RSM that DNN is using!

Published Friday, February 7, 2014 8:56 PM by khurram
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