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Silverlight; virtual machines in browsers

James Gosling suggested virtual machines as savior from native code back in mid 90’s. Java Applets were really cool; if someone let someone invest in optimizing the virtual machine implementation; the web today might be different…But things got screwed
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WPF/E - Second CTP

WPF/E’s second CTP is available. WPF on the whole is fascinating, both for designers and developers. There is yet no released tool available, Microsoft Expressesion Blend’s Beta is available. The program’s UI is itself very interesting. This tool will
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Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere!

I like what they are doing with Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere! Unlike Adobe Flex; where you need to deploy those XML files on a Java Web Container that generates the Flash files and the client need to have the Flash Plug-in; with WPF /E;
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