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Nasir Ali Khan

Believing is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers.

July 2005 - Posts

Anatomy of Generics in C# 2.0
Intended Readers: Persons having basic knowledge of C# and C++ Level: Intermediate Introduction Generics allows us to define the general code template regardless of any type and later on the concrete Generic Type is instantiated by supplying the actual Read More...
Nullable Types in C# 2.0
Intended Readers : Persons having basic programming knowledge of C# and SQL Level : Beginners Introduction A nullable type (yet another feature introduced in C# 2.0) allows us to define a null (undefined) value for the value types such as int, bool, float Read More...
Escape Dll-Hell with Registry Free COM
Intended Readers : Persons having basic knowledge of Component Object Model (COM) and Dll Registration etc Level : Beginners Background COM is a Microsoft’s binary standard for developing the language independent components it enables the object developed Read More...