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Nasir Ali Khan

Believing is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers.

July 2006 - Posts

Patterns and Practices Guidance Explorer for .NET
Really cool http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2006/06/29/Free-Patterns-and-Practices-Guidance-Explorer-for-ASP.NET-and-.NET.aspx download http://www.gotdotnet.com/codegallery/codegallery.aspx?id=bb9aecfe-56ba-4ca9-8127-44e551b90962
Back Again
Last one and half month was quite hectic and busy for me, some work load was there along with the preparation MCTS application foundation exam, that I cleared. Now i am planning to gave remaining papers in MCTS suite which includes ASP.NET 2.0, WinForms Read More...