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Nasir Ali Khan

Believing is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers.
First look at ASP.NET 4.0

this list is huge, folks make sure have work cut out... I didnt like the concept of IIS 7.5, believes that IIS 7.0 has not well adopted by industry and there is 7.5 of it...

charting is amazing though...




Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working

Today I had horrible time with Windows Live Messenger, I dont know why when ever I log in, after showing my contact it gives error "Windows Live Communications Platform has stopped working" again and again.

Re-installation, Repair etc didnt worked, also tried many solutions available on forums but in-vain, after wasting five hours I found this savior.

 A really easy way would be to 
* Close MSN completely. Do not leave the MSN icon on the clock.
* Delete the file: C: \ Program Files \ Windows Live \ Contacts \ wldlog.dll
* Open and connect MSN




Google Music Search Feature, Rocks!!!




2012 the beginning of end?
2012 the beginning of end?

Note: Reader's discretion advised.

You often see people talking about end of the world, what is the future of humanity, where we will be after 50 years, can we predict about the future etc. Human is always anxious about knowing the future and have various myths and knowledge and religious literatures to predict the upcoming events, sometimes they work sometimes don't.

Have read a lot about the judgment day or Armageddon from political, religiously, astronomically and most importantly the cosmologically. I found it very intriguing that year 2012 is considered as quite important for the humanity. Though I will discuss the religious, political and social importance of 2012 but cosmological importance remains my focal point which I will discuss in the end.


Maya civilization (c. 2000 BC to 250 AD), is one of the oldest civilizations and their evidence found in Central Americas, they were known for their art, architecture and mathematical and astronomical systems and interestingly their calendar called Maya Calendar ends at December 21 2012. What's so Significant about it? Well it seems not but the fact to remember is that Mayans were very intelligent in astronomy and many scientist believe few important celestial events going to place near to the same time which have greater effect on life on earth this may be a coincidence or may be truth of Mayans knowledge. More about these celestial events here, if you are interested to know more about Maya myths this is the place.


If you are interested in astrology, this is a place to read, many astrologists speculates that around 2012 is what earth will enter in Aquarius age, it is one of the twelve astrological age believed by some to parallel major changes in the Earth's inhabitants' development, particularly relating to culture, society and politics. More information on astrological ages here


You guess right, my favorite, whatever we discussed so far could be the mere hypothesis which might not realize at all, but is what following is something to look at.

We know that Sun is pivotal to the Universe and particularly for earth; Human existence of life on earth is largely because of Sun. weather on earth and for that matter our universe are mainly dependent on the activities that takes place on Sun. it emits large amount of radioactive and magnetic layers to universe and pattern of this emission is called solar cycle. Currently we are in the solar cycle 24 and Nasa predicts in 2006 that the peak of this cycle is expected to reach around 2010-11 and solar activity around that time going to be most intense of all times, so it's called this as Super Solar Storm.

Now what does this lead us to? Change of South and North poles, compass may not work as they are. Satellite system could Jam, TV, mobile systems and never know what else.

Another threat this fierce solar activity could cause is the eruption of super volcanoes which can responsible for mass destruction.

Galactic alignment, is phenomenon which occurs when earth and sun are direct in line with centre of the galaxy, this phenomenon occurs after 25800 years, interestingly this period is almost equal to the one complete astrological age. Following video explains more about galactic alignment and polar shift.

Just to conclude, this phenomenon could be internet hoax or who know the hidden truth but then we are humans with the knowledge so why don't explore and try to unveil the secrets of universe.

I think being a Muslim I believe that only Almighty Allah knows about the future and he is the one who can change it, but knowing more about this universe certainly makes my faith more and more firm on him and I must say "Subhan-Allah" that he is the only one who can create the systems of such precisions and also applaud the human kind about their exploration and decoding of secrets.


Few references and links worth looking at

Dark Rift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC7PWuRpUlU&feature=fvw

2012 Phenomenon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_phenomenon

NOSTRADAMUS 2012 (strongly recommend)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5cI7qUBo4s








Microsoft offer 15-25% discount on various exams

Some Good news for M$ Geeks as it offers 15 to 25% discount on various exams, this offer is valid till 31 Dec, so make sure you have your Voucher, Registration and exam done before it.

God's heaven this discount available world wide..



Good Luck!


Worlds Leading Testing Service Provider - Prometric
Well yesterday I was trying to register myself for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Exam and since prometric is the only Testing provider I had to login to prometric Id for registration.

As usual I was using my fav Firefox and site seems to be working fine till I logged into my profile and I shocked when I saw that Prometric site does not work with Firefox and gives errors everywhere. Initially I thought that's its problem with my profile but after some googling I got to know that it works well with IE only J

So guys if you are browsing prometric please know that IE is the only way to go...

I can't understand the sense of this limitation though




Google Wave or Google's Facebook

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation
and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

Google is never short of amazing concepts, I like two features most instant text sharing on chat, reply to a particular text...




Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is quite an interesting product from Microsoft, these days getting hands on it and it continues to amaze me in terms of features and customization that it offers.

Thing that I liked about CRM is that its customization leverages the power of .NET framework , WWF, ASP.NET and provides highly extensive solutions.

I am impressed a lot with this product and that drives me to create a dedicated blog for the CRM, in coming days I will write more on CRM but for a start following links would be helpful to learn more..


and if you are interested to see the CRM in action than have a look at following VDOs



Kangaroo Curry

Been to Dubai Cricket stadium to see the T20 match between Pakistan and Australia, and it turned out to be great fun...

enjoyed because our team played well, have a look at the banner which we draw during the match, and it got quite popular in the crowd..



Nasir Ali Khan

How to save your job!!!
Google's new FavIcon

What's the most recognised logo in the world? It would probably be Google's if only they could stick to one. Yet as the world's most popular search engine tries out a new favicon, Craig Smith says the old branding rulebook is being rewritten.





Microsoft IT Evolution

Yesterday I attended the Microsoft IT Evolution event in Jumeriah Beach Hotel Dubai; it was really cool event as Microsoft presented more on their upcoming technologies like SQL Server 2008, TFS 2008, VSTS 2008 and my fav Hyper-V.


Hyper-V is really cool technology it skins under the OS layer which makes it more efficient and flexible than 1st generation of virtualization (VM etc).


Look forward to have the presentations, just in case if any one got please do share.


I got some DVDs of Hyper-V, hope to have some hands-on on coming weekend.

During the lunch break i got chance a to take a snap with Master Chief (Halo 3) from Microsoft Gaming...


Nasir Ali Khan

Microsoft unveiled more on Windows 7

In PDC 2008, Microsoft has unveiled more on Windows 7. Marketing hype of windows 7 revolves around multi touch aka surface and cloud computing.

More details about windows 7 features can be found here



Nasir Ali Khan

‘UFO’ shoot down and ‘dance arena’ of dinosaurs

Just read two interesting stories, worth sharing ...

American fighter pilot ordered to shoot down UFO found in England. Though there are lots of conspiracies behind UFOs but it would be a challenging question for our science to answer.

On the other hand geologists found a place what they call as ‘dance arena' for dinosaurs. Just imagine how their dance gonna look like: P. Anjuman lovers might be keen ...



Nasir Ali Khan

PhotoFunia - Have fun with your photos

Have a look at photofunia, it gives cool effects to the pictures, some of them are really cool. All such sites normally use facial detection technology which is currently one of the key research areas in computer science.

If you want to know more about face detection then here is one good site.

Btw I have also photo funia some of my pictures: P



Nasir Ali Khan

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