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  • My article, SumColumn, has been updated.

    Few days back, I have informed about my article, SumColumn published on codeproject. Now It has been updated incorporating the users comments. You can visit it here. Your comments are welcomed.
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on March 8, 2006
  • System.Net.HttpWebRequest - Arabic Data

    Few days back, there was a task that I have to get/parse data from html pages on a site. I first tried to use System.Net.HttpWebRequest class to make the request, get the data. <code> Dim objRequest As System.Net.HttpWebRequest = System.Net.WebRequest.Create(Url) Dim result As String objRequest.Method = "GET" Dim ...
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on February 4, 2006
  • Outsourced opportunity – SMS / MMS application

    A Saudi Arabia based e-news/stock company wants to outsource an application dealing with SMS/MMS. The bird's eye view of the application is like.   1) User can subscribe to the SMS/MMS service through the website or by sending SMS with a given code to a given number           E.g. SMS 195 BN ...
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on December 27, 2005
  • Compression in Dot Net (Zip format).

    Like many of you out there, I have also used #ZipLib (pronounced as SharpZipLib) to do compression programmatically. For those who do not know about #ZipLib, it is an open source compression library for zip formats, written in C#. The code is available at their website. I was thinking that how it is possible that Microsoft did not ...
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on July 9, 2005
  • Ten tools in 10 minutes

    Just find this blog on weblogs.asp.net. Posting it here so that who missed it there get it from here .Scott Hanselman collection of useful tools.
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on June 11, 2005
  • My First WebPart for Share Point

    Ahhhhhh. After seven hours of doing just one thing i am tired and frustated. Doing developemt on a virtual PC is a headache, so slow. My be I should upgrade my PC. I have started learning sharepoint nowadays and today I made my first web part. I tried to upload the web part following the same steps in the MSDN article but alas. As soon as i try ...
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on May 14, 2005
  • How to generate web forms in a good way?

    We, in our software house, use a custom build code generator (thanx to my friend Syed Umar Anis).  It generates stored procedures, and (some what intelligent) business classes using the database schema. I want to extend this generator and want it to generate web forms as well. I was thinking about some way so that i have to do minimal work ...
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on February 10, 2005
  • Passing Parameters to Stored Procedures

    Reports that use stored procedures as their data source are no different than reports that use any other data source. When you open the report, it automatically calls the stored procedure, retrieves the data, and populates the report with this data. The difference between using a stored procedure and using a table is that stored procedures accept ...
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on July 21, 2004
  • Changing Sql Connection dynamically in Crystal Reports 10 using DotNet

    Dim myReport As New crDB()myReport.SetDatabaseLogon(Me.txtUserId.Text, Me.txtPass.Text, Me.txtServer.Text, Me.txtDB.Text)Dim myLogonInfo As CrystalDecisions.Shared.TableLogOnInfoDim myTable As CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.TableFor Each myTable In myReport.Database.Tables   myLogonInfo = myTable.LogOnInfo   With ...
    Posted to Aziz ur Rahman (Weblog) by aziz on July 20, 2004
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