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  • Modern Frontend Development

    Thanks to Node and Javascript Frameworks; the frontend development landscape has changed a lot and things are in continuous flux. For .NET developers; adapting to this might be hard to digest because we have been “addicted” to use one single thing that we were used to dictate; but if you have been Linux / Open Source enthusiast; this trend is very ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on November 17, 2017
  • Data Validation-Vue.js

    Data Validation Series Data Validation–SilverlightData Validation-MVCData Validation-Web FormsData Validation-KnockoutData Validation-Vue.js In the previous post we have learned about how we can do validation on the client side on the client model or view model and also on the server using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations based attribute ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on November 13, 2017
  • Angular JS

    Angular JS is the famous Javascript library for Single Page Applications from Google. Now the v1.x version is called Angular JS and the v2 onwards are called Angular or Angular 2/2+. It is also the frontend part of the “MEAN” stack; where MongoDB is used as data store, Node as the server plus toolchain, Express JS as the web framework and Angular ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on November 12, 2017
  • Data Validation–Knockout

    Data Validation Series Data Validation–Silverlight Data Validation-MVC Data Validation-Web Forms Data Validation-Knockout Data Validation-Vue.js In the previous posts we learned about how we can do client side validation using jQuery.Validation against a server side .NET model having System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on November 11, 2017
  • Data Validation–Web Forms

    Data Validation Series Data Validation–SilverlightData Validation-MVCData Validation-Web FormsData Validation-KnockoutData Validation-Vue.js In the previous posts we learned about how we can do client side validation using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations based attributes on the server side .NET classes. These techniques emerged in ASP.NET ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on November 10, 2017
  • MVC5: Minimal Provider for ASP.NET Identity

    ASP.NET once came with Membership and Role Providers, that we used and abused in past, then came Simple Membership Provider with Razor and Webmatrix that exposed a simpler API but still used the same providers behind the scene. Finally with Visual Studio 2013 and ASP.NET 4.5.1 they introduced ASP.NET Identity that offers a modern replacement of ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 20, 2017
  • Dotnet Core :: PostgreSQL

    Dotnet Core Series Dotnet Core Redis Clients -- ASP.NET Core Docker Registry Jenkins This Post Given, Dotnet Core can run on Linux; and in the series we have been exploring different aspects of having a Microservice based Containerized Dotnet Core application running on a Linux in Docker Containers. SQL ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 31, 2017
  • Redis Clients :: ASP.NET Core

    Redis Series Redis Redis Clients This Post Dotnet Core Series Dotnet Core This Post Docker Registry ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 19, 2017
  • Redis Clients

    Redis Series Redis This Post Redis Clients -- ASP.NET Core For the Redis clients; imagine we have an e-commerce platform having a Python based component that does some analysis to show which product or campaign / deal to show on the main page; these results are posted / updated into the Redis Server from where the Asp.Net ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 10, 2017
  • Dotnet Core

    Dotnet Core Series This Post Redis Clients -- ASP.NET Core Docker Registry Jenkins Dotnet Core -- PostgreSQL This post is a quick lap around Dotnet Core; especially on Linux and Containers. Dotnet Core is an open source .NET implementation and is also available for different flavors of Linux. We know how ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 9, 2017
  • Getting Started with Ember JS

    In my opinion, finding the sweet balance between the two extremes; fully compiled web app (well produced music record) and javascript based dynamic web apps (live performance); is the right way to go! A while ago; we were asked to add new features into an existing Web Forms app; we decided its time to explore things outside of the comfort ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 15, 2016
  • MVC4 : From Ajax Helper to jQuery and Knockout

    In our MVC4 sprint; we used ASP.NET bundling for CSS / JS resources and migrated all the Ajax.BeginForm / Ajax.EndForm based forms that were developed in MVC2 days to the current techniques In our MVC3 sprint; we removed MicrosoftMvcValidation.js and MicrosoftMvcJQueryValidation.js files from MVC2 days and instead referenced ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 9, 2016
  • Data Validation-MVC

    Data Validation Series Data Validation–SilverlightData Validation-MVCData Validation-Web FormsData Validation-KnockoutData Validation-Vue.jsWe needed to introduce few new Validation in an old Silverlight app and at the same time; we planned to migrate the app from Silverlight to HTML/JS/CSS so people on mobile devices can also use that app. For ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on December 17, 2015
  • MVC 3

    Recently received a change request for a solution that has not touched for a while, it was ASP.NET MVC3 deliverable and Visual Studio 2013 gave warning that it will has limited functionality. The project was started as original MVC in Visual Studio 2008 and was later updated to MVC2 in Visual Studio 2010. The project was later updated to MVC3 in ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 27, 2015
  • Ajax WCF and Posting from KnockoutJS + jQuery

    A while ago I posted about Ajax enabled WCF Service :: Round tripping; in which I didn’t show how to post from Javascript / Client to WCF that expects an entity for scenarios like new record. This is needed when there's already Ajax Enabled WCF is in place, you are migrating from Silverlight or similar technology  to modern Web etc. Today ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 20, 2015
  • ASP.NET-DataTables in Dotnetnuke

    After signing off from that little endeavor, I decided to try DataTables with Dotnetnuke. Service Framework was introduced in Dotnetnuke (DNN) v6.2, it was MVC based thing, but later in v7 they have changed it and now it uses ASP.NET WebApi framework  In the previous post we covered how to write WebApi for DataTables; now to use that ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on August 27, 2015
  • ASP.NET-DataTables with WebApi

    In the previous post, we couldn’t handle DataTables’ Paging, Sorting and Searching at the Server Side due to PageMethods limitations. There might be some work-around, but we had another requirement that we had to implement our thing in ASCX (User Control) and not in ASPX page and unfortunately PageMethods don’t work in ASCXes; but fortunately ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on August 27, 2015
  • ASP.NET–DataTables with PageMethods

    Javascript apps are fancy gardens of glass, attractive but fragile. I personally don’t like it, but it’s hip these days! A friend asked if we can incorporate “DataTables” a popular jQuery plugin into an existing ASP.NET application, and I availed an opportunity to get my hands a bit dirty! If you haven't started using NUGET; you should, using it ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on August 26, 2015
  • AJAX-enabled WCF Service :: Round tripping

    From the last post; we have realized that for a typical CRUD / Round tripping implementation; we need “something” that can do JSON to DOM and DOM to JSON conversion so that we can send and receive JSON data over the wire using the jQuery! There might be many such libraries; but if you have ASP.NET / Silverlight background; you will definitely ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 12, 2014
  • AJAX-enabled WCF Service :: Getting Started

    Once you know how to configure the WCF services; they are great! There is built-in AJAX-enabled WCF Service template that one can use to create a server side peace of the modern AJAX base web app. The more recent option is Web-Api; but it requires that you can make changes in the RouteTable and when you cant; AJAX-enabled WCF Service can be ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 3, 2014
  • Dotnetnuke 6.x and Ajax Control Toolkit

    Ajax Control Toolkit (ACT) is commonly used control library among ASP.NET Webforms projects; much more used than Telerik! Dotnetnuke (DNN) 6.x were awesome releases given they finally replaced VB.NET with C# but sadly they started using Telerik Web UI controls. The Dotnetnuke 6.x is now a maintenance only branch and they never released true .NET4 ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 7, 2014
  • HttpStatusCodeResult

    HttpStatusCodeResult was added in MVC3; its instance can be returned as ActionResult from within Controller. This is useful when we are using AJAX to call the controller action from the client side. Most Javascript libraries like jQuery has support for HTTP Status codes; with such approach in place; one can write neat client code! $.ajax({ ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 6, 2014
  • UserVoice – ASP.NET and Silverlight Teams are listening!

    I just voted for Multiple web.config Transforms for ASP.NET. What do you think? I just voted for Silverlight on XBOX 360 for Silverlight. What do you think?
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 19, 2010

    Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is recently made generally available to try and it has ASP.NET MVC2 Preview 2 out of box. In ASP.NET MVC2; there is a breaking change from ASP.NET MVC 1. The ASP.NET MVC’ built in JSON support will only serve for POST request and discards GET requests due to JSON Vulnerability. Michael Campbell has written a detailed ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 28, 2009
  • HTML5, Standards and Developer Features in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

    I started using IE again after IE7 mainly because of its speed and the fact that it has copied all the nice features (Tabs) of Firefox <smile /> IE8 has got some nice developers features (JavaScript debugger with Breakpoints, Native Json support, CSS3 selector to name few) and this video from MSDN Channel 9 is must watch to learn about ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on September 28, 2009
  • System.Web.Silverlight

    Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio installs the Silverlight SDK; the Silverlight 2 SDK featured System.Web.Silverlight assembly that had Silverlight ASP.NET control through which you can host your Silverlight application. The Silverlight 3 SDK doesnt has this assembly…If you have used this control and upgrading to latest tool…before uninstalling ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on July 15, 2009
  • ASP.NET Server Controls

    ASP.NET provides wide spectrum; you can develop reusable interface components using User Controls, Server Controls and Web Parts (WebForms world). There are three ways to develop ASP.NET Server Controls. Render Contents You can override RenderContents and using the writer can flush out the HTML text you want. Its more or less the same Classic ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on July 3, 2009
  • Google Search RSS Feeds

    Here is my attempt to transform Google Search Results into a RSS feed. This functionality is missing from Google. Test it out and provide some feedback. I have published the feed as a web service at http://www.ecubicle.net/gsearch_rss.asmx There is a single function called GetSearchResults with the following signature GetSearchResults(byval ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 10, 2009
  • Extension Methods in VB.NET

    Extension methods allow developers to add functionality to the existing .NET types without recompiling the source, or extending (deriving from the type) the type. For certain types, such as String, these cannot be extended because they are declared as Notinheritable (Sealed). For such scenarios, create an extension method to add custom ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 7, 2009
  • LINQ and ADO .NET Data Services Videos

    I have published some tutorials on YouTube on LINQ and ADO .NET Data Services. ADO .NET Data Services allow creation of REST based services which is simply a fancy way of serializing data as XML and returning it over HTTP. You can view these tutorials on my YouTube Channel at http://ca.youtube.com/rafaybinali    
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • Google Maps KML and LINQ to Display Driving Directions

    The important part is to retrieve the KML file (XML based standard) from Google Maps (refer to urlString). Once we have the KML file, we create an XMLDataSource control, retrieve the XmlDocument's InnerXml. After that, we parse the elements to retrieve the directions which are placed in the <name> element ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • Re: Convert to flv format..

    Also, have a look at the youtube downloader web service that I have recently published. As you are probably aware, YouTube Google GData API allows replication of the entire YouTube functionality from within your application. However, the only piece missing from this API is the ability to download videos - which is understandable. By using my web ...
    Posted to Microsoft .NET (Forum) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • Re: Convert to flv format..

    I have finished creating a complete YouTube clone in .NET. The most complex part of the whole project was to find out how to convert media into FLV after upload. This research took the better part of my project time. Nonetheless, it is complete in terms of functionality, though UI needs some major rework. Anyhow, what you need is FFMPEG.exe. It ...
    Posted to Microsoft .NET (Forum) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • YouTube Download Web Service: Integrate YouTube Download into your .NET apps FREE

    Here is an interesting web service that allows applications to download youtube videos. Applications that require interaction with youtube can obviously use the YouTube API's to provide exhaustive youtube functionality right from their web sites. However, the only API function that is missed is the ability to download from Youtube.The Youtube web ...
    Posted to ASP.NET Applications (Weblog) by aspnet on January 6, 2009
  • Wish-list for .NET Framework v4 and ASP.NET

    As Nasir has pointed out that Microsoft has unveiled more information about upcoming .NET Framework! I believe unlike .NET v3 and .NET v3.5 which were architecturally ''addon'' releases above .NET v2.... .NET v4 might be side by side release, and if it is...then i think this is great opportunity for Microsoft to simplify things a bit.... Few days ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 14, 2008
  • Re: Migration of asp.net 1.1 to asp.net 2.0

    Download Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1, its a big download and takes some time to install...but when you are done with it, you will be seeing an option ''Web Application Project'' in ''New Project'' dialog. This new option provides same feature as ASP.NET 1.1 projects in Visual Studio 2003. Furthermore after Service Pack 1, you should be able ...
    Posted to Microsoft .NET (Forum) by khurram on November 3, 2007
  • LinqDataSource - Video

    View this 16megs video from Dan Wahlin; in which he shows how easy things are with LinqDataSource! You get a filter; master/detail form and full editing/deletion/insertion; with almost no line of code! I personally dont like such declarative style programming; because the code generated with such approaches is not maintainable; however these ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on July 29, 2007
  • MultiView - Passing data between views

    In many web applications, almost half of the code in “UI layer” is about dealing query strings, forms and other such thing trying to pass data between one pages to another. With new MultiView control in ASP.NET 2 and using user controls (optionally) you can avoid that whole junk.If you can interpret the whole UI in a single ASCX/ASPX you don’t ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on February 1, 2007
  • ASP.NET 2 AJAX Extensions 1.0 is out!

    ASP.NET 2 AJAX  Extensions1.0 (code name Atlas) has recently been released. Go get it from http://ajax.asp.net It’s a must have extension for web application developers. ASP.NET AJAX has two major components, new ASP.NET server side controls and a client side JavaScript library. Even if you are not using ASP.NET, you can still use client ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on January 24, 2007
  • Introducing MyMSBuildTasks.SqlDataSourceTask

    ASP.NET v2’s SqlDataSource is great; but for small apps or while doing prototyping / inception. It starts creating problem in later stages of mid to big level projects. In such cases; we might want that with each release; all SqlDataSources being used are documented so that you can track which database objects are being used. Its a tedious ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on November 4, 2006
  • ASP.NET :: Using Java Script!

    This is for a friend, showing how easy it is to use JavaScript in ASP.NET apps. Note how the inline code is used to get the element id. To make it more runtime error prone; simply create a method in code-beside file and use that…     <script language=''javascript'' ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 15, 2006
  • Atlas Links

    Web Service http://weblogs.asp.net/dwahlin/archive/2006/09/20/Calling-Web-Services-with-MS-AJAX-using-Code-Vs.-Declaratively.aspx http://weblogs.asp.net/wallym/archive/2006/08/31/Prioritizing-web-service-calls-in-Atlas.aspx   Client Side ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on October 6, 2006
  • Creating Data Source Control by Inheriting From ObjectDataSource

    Data binding features of ASP.NET is awesome; the only pitfall with this technique is that most of the code tends to be “declarative” and you loose compile time checks which increases chances of error in maintenance. However using ObjectDataSource you can resolve some of the “page maintenance” issues resolved but it increases the code ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on September 1, 2006
  • FormView / DetailsView and &amp;quot;Failed to load viewstate..&amp;quot;

    This took considerable time to fix! Gotcha: If a page hides and unhidesDetailsView/FormView controls, it may produce a bogus “Failed to load viewstate…” error message Fix: Set “EnableViewState” property to False for each of the DetailsView/FormView controls Even if you wrap the FormView in some Panel and tries to set its visibility; same ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on August 24, 2006
  • ASPX Parser

    As time to market is becoming important factor; we the developers usually get very low time to make things the right way. We have to rely on frameworks, runtimes and libraries to do the heavy lifting. While designing the app in such scenarios you have to do certain trade offs; at the end of the day; you usually ends up with a code that you don’t ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on July 18, 2006
  • Recommended Book - ASP.NET v2

    If you are using ASP.NET v2; and you are medium to advanced developer; you must read ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and Tips. I have just read its three chapters and have already learned many cool things. I will try to post'em as well.
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on July 13, 2006
  • LINQ in Web Applications

    LINQ gets cooler when it can be used in web apps… Microsoft has just released RC1 of Web Application Projects (WAP); and with this; one can now use (*)LINQ in web projects. Here are the steps. Install WAP Download the LINQ Preview; and install it in its default location. Download this Project Template I have created using the steps given ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on April 8, 2006
  • Web Application Projects / Atlas / Spring

    Last few days had been of full of fun! We are having a refactoring week in our current project; in which we want to improve the overall code base before moving forward. One of the activities was to straighten out the projects in the solutions. We have two web applications as part of the current project; which are VS2005 based. (ASP.NET v2; lots ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 29, 2006
  • Object Data Source Controls :: Page Maintenance

    With Data Source Controls in ASP.NET v2; things are turning into declarative programming style; more code is being pushed to UI (ASPX/ASCX) and with that; runtime errors increases; especially in maintenance phase of the software. If you want to learn how object data source controls can help you develop web apps rapidly; read Nasir's Introduction ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 19, 2006
  • Sharepoint / ASP.NET v2 / Smart Part :: Required permissions cannot be acquired

    Today I updated few internal Sharepoint based applications to ASP.NET v2. Before using ASP.NET v2 with Sharepoint; you need to install Service Pack 2 of Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS). I was using SmartPart to use ASCX based user controls in Sharepoint. You need to use “Son of SmartPart” if you are using ASP.NET v2. It took considerable time to ...
    Posted to Khurram Aziz (Weblog) by khurram on March 17, 2006
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