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  • A serious poll??

    human brain is amazing,at one side,this brain brings Einstein`s theory of relativity and on other  hand,same brain makes halai to bring this crazy poll,and yeah i do believe the guy,..its a serious poll!! by the way, i`m FF :D have fun
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on December 9, 2005
  • Congo Hemorrhag virus

    AoA The rumour or not about that a few children passed away today after eating at Hot 'n Spicy and Daltons has been spreaded like a jungle fire, one of Metroblogging Karachi member has made a nice and useful post about COngo Fever,check this out and forward to others. http://karachi.metblogs.com/archives/2005/11/congo_hemorrhag.phtml Last but ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on December 1, 2005
  • You won`t be able to hear "Frozen" anymore

    Madonna`s defeat in palgarism case for the song Frozen, details here
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 23, 2005
  • Intelligent Falling

    Opposing Newtron`s gravitational Law
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 15, 2005
  • Concert in Space

    Paul McCartney is up for people at ISS should we send Junoon in space ,the aliens will sure reply him back :>
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 15, 2005
  • Newton and Sultan Rahi

    I dont usually forward Jokes stuff but this one is really funny hilarious,have fun :) =====================================================================================================   Once, Newton came to Pakistan and watched a few Lollywood movies that had his head spinning. He was convinced that all his logic and laws in physics ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 14, 2005
  • don`t complain about your neighbour issues

    A canadian woman was sued just because she mentioned her neighbourhood issues on website,what would happen if such thing is done in pakistan? :)    
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 14, 2005
  • Love Birds

    Zaheer Khan and His diehard fan,you need broadband connection to view this
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 12, 2005
  • Coffee beer

    Pardes se Fahad k lia Tohfa :>,should i expect Tea beer soon by,.ummmmmm TAPAL ?:>    
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 3, 2005
  • Nokia Joins Opensource movement

    first symbian and now nokia.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 3, 2005
  • Volunteers required by P@SHA

    The president of PASHA(Pakistan Software House Association) has asked for volunteers for different IT related projects,please read and it forwared it to others cocnered ppl ----- Original Message -----From: Jehan AraTo: Ponder_Alliance@yahoogroups.comSent: Thursday, October 13, 2005 2:13 PMSubject: [Ponder_Alliance] Volunteers neededDear ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 16, 2005
  • Earthquake movie

    Location:LMKR resources http://www.geocities.com/kadynan/earthquake.zip
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 14, 2005
  • Estimate of few medical stuff required

    i took this estimate from a medical store here in my area-Hyderi H-Block..details are given below:     Syringes-3cc-  Qty:100,Cost:Rs.300/packet Syringes-5cc-  Qty:100,Cost:Rs.300/packet Drip 5%560(i cant undestand the writing)-Rs.21/Drip bandage 6'':Rs.9/bandage Bandage Tape:Rs.50 Tinchure Iodine:Rs.9 ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 13, 2005
  • A smile you cant forget

    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 13, 2005
  • Earthquake-how can we help as IT professionals-II

    Thanks for your replies,it might be a wrong way of using Blogs(i:e as emailing),its not feasible to reply Nasir and FakeGeek one by one ,also I want tht others also could read it. A reply to Nasir and FakeGeek(though he dont look so fake at all) :>   http://weblogs.com.pk/kadnan/archive/2005/10/12/2472.aspx#2479
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 13, 2005
  • Earthquake-how can we help as IT professionals?

    AoA All we have been experincing the greatest disaster in pakistan.The greatest or i say postive thing came out from this incident that whole nation is united along with Govt and opposition members. Being IT people.I am wondering how can we help the ppl and Volunteers. MS employees developed katrinaSafe.com(http://katrinasafe.com/Main.aspx) I ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 12, 2005
  • Newton`s laws of Software

    Interesting:) Law 1: Every Software Engineer continues his state ofchatting or forwarding  mails unless he is assignedwork by manager.Law 2: The rate of change in the software is directlyproportional to the payment received from client andtakes place at the quick rate as when deadline forceis applied.Law 3: Bonus :-)  Bugs ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 30, 2005
  • weird javascript behaviour?

    welll it might be a *newbie* issue for many of geekster here,but not for a person like me who first time ran into this problem. i had to calculate months difference between two years by using javascript,i was taking 4 Inputs via dropdownlists, FromYear,FromMonth,ToYear and ToMonth. The value of month combo was in 2 digit format that is, ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 17, 2005
  • new User interface of Yahoo mail

    Yahoo! Mail is coming up with new GUI look,the GUI is very much similar to MS Outlook,is comping up with lots of new features like mail preview,drag n drop,quick mail search etc,check out the snapshots of upcomin version of Yahoo! Mail.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 15, 2005
  • Vista`s various editions

    an intresting article to read,also check this informative website about different Vista`s versions
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 14, 2005
  • Classic ASP and mYSQL,Recordcount issue

    For long time,i have been using following code to open Recordset Rs.Open,sql,conn,1,2 This code returns correct number of record,however it doenst work with mysql,after googling i found that unless you set cursor location to 3,it will keep showing -1 Please check the following website: http://forums.devarticles.com/t7248/s.html So,the code ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 8, 2005
  • Hurricane Katrina-US should learn lesson from poor countries

    Technology vs Human Training- An interesting article on Wired   The dead and the desperate of New Orleans now join the farmers of Aceh and the fishermen of Trincomalee, villagers in Iran and the slum dwellers of Haiti in a world being dealt ever more punishing blows by natural disasters. It's a world where Americans can learn ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 5, 2005
  • how well can you google?

    I found an intresting link on my friend Abbas Halai`s weblog to test you google skills,do try it when you get time P.S: i think i should add a seprate section for Google related stuff =)
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 3, 2005
  • katrina aftermath

    Katrina Aftermath
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 3, 2005
  • Gmail is down

    Gmail is down,here is the screenshot,intresting message:  
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 30, 2005
  • Managing Hierarchical Data in MySQL

    An Interesting article to read  
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 25, 2005
  • Google Talks

    Finally Google Talks in town,this is not a surprise,the way google is approaching towards a portal,this new messenger service is Jabber compatible clients like GAIM or iChat. Personally speaking i dont find reason to have another IM Service
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 24, 2005
  • xajax-PHP lib for AJAX

    Looks promising,i found it easier than AJAX.NET http://xajax.sourceforge.net/
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 23, 2005
  • Referrall Spamming

    today i just visited Referral link of one of my blog post,i found the following:   http://online-poker.available-poker.com/ Loosing talent? 1 08-07-2005 http://unique-poker.com/poker-games.html Loosing talent? 3 08-09-2005 http://theebest.com/party-poker.html Loosing talent? ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 23, 2005
  • 4 Commandments-becomming a guru

    A must read article
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 19, 2005
  • Bye Bye Dept 1127

    AT&T`s Dept 1127 which was responsible for creating and maintaining Unix ,has been officially disbanded,read the details here
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 17, 2005
  • hackers gather at DefCon

    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 3, 2005
  • 802.11 n in town

    Though i am not a networking guy but got involved in a wireless project in  past which developed my intrested in wireless networks,anyways got this new on slash got check this out
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 2, 2005
  • more about Arfa

    I have been reading about Arfa`s these days,whether its on Slashdot or on MS blogs. i got an online article ,have details of Arfa`s interview at Redmond,you can find audio clips of her interview on website.A/c to article,she appeared in C# exam and wrote a calculator program,she also talked about sorting. SomaSegar VP of MS replied me ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 16, 2005
  • Bill Gates accepted Arfa`s invitation to Visit Pakistan

    Little Arfa,who is the youngest MCP girl of the world has invited Bill Gates to visit pakistan and at stay her home which was accepted by Bill. this little faisalabad girl earned MCP at age of 9,was visiting Redmond last week along with her father,her wish to meet Mr.Gates came true,Mr.Gates invited her to her home and accepter her invitation to ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 14, 2005
  • C++0x-future of C++

    from Slashdot,C++ guy Bjarne Stroustrup,discusses about future of C++- C++0x read here http://www.informit.com/content/images/art_stroustrup_2005/elementLinks/rules.pdf p.s i noticed that non members cant post comments,why is like that?
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 11, 2005
  • Google earth,view Wimbeldon on your desktop

    Google always surprises us by launching unique products,recently google launched Google Earth(http://earth.google.com),its a windows based desktop application which uses Keyhole services(http://keyhole.com),it gives you aerial view of location and you feel like you are flyinf over the location,it was really amazing to view Wimbelodn court and ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 8, 2005
  • QT4.0 is released

    http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/index.htmlTrolltech has released Qt4.0 final version and after the long time(after Qt2.x) they have released Open Source version for Win platform.OpenSource version supports MingW Compiler while commercial edition provides seamless integration with VS.NET. if you are wondering what is QT,QT is a cross platform ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 29, 2005
  • A day without Internet

    Today i got isolated from outer world,the main Internet backbone cable got crashed and all sort of digital data communication got halted,i heard it happened yestereve but since i didnt get chance to use PC so was not aware of this disaster,all the day we coudnt recieve/send any mail nor site surfing,many ISPs are still not working including ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 29, 2005
  • disabling network adapters while installing Wndows XP in VPC2004

    if you are installing Windows XP in VPC2004,make sure your network adapters are disabled within VPC Console,otherwise you might experience Machine Name error which comesup while installing and assumes that PC already on network,even if you are using as standalone..best option is to disable it and then assign any name of your Virtually ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 26, 2005
  • From telecommunication to Cricket

    its very hot in karachi these days and it has made me more lazy than ever,so wasnt feeling to write anything...it was old but amazing and shocking news when my fiance smsed me at 1:00AM night about historical victory of Bangladesh against Australia,like many people,i wasn`t aware of NATWEST series ,even if i was then i could be least intrested to ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 21, 2005
  • Loosing talent?

    I am listening songs of Hindi Movie Lucky which music composed by Adnan Sami Khan,the song Kiya Yehi Pyar Hay,the composition by Adnan is pretty awesome,i think this composition is one of his best composition till now,after listening of this song ,i was just thinking of that we lost another pakistani talent just for nothing,he has shifted to India ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 12, 2005
  • firefox freezes IE

    I am currently using Firefox1.0 both at home and office,what I found that when i open both IE and FF,IE stops opening pages,browsing gets slow,i observed it lots of time,today when i encountered same proble,i just closed FireFox session and after refereshing page on IE,it opened within seconds..i dont understand what`s the real cause,all i ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 6, 2005
  • Gmail is down?

    i tried Gmail servce at 11:23PM Pakistan STandard time(GMT+5.00) and service is not working it showed the following   its 12:43 AM now and is still down,you can see the gnotifier icon on right in disable mode
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 5, 2005
  • Google goes personalize

    yeah like Yahoo,you may personalize your Google page as well by loading different Google/non-Google services like BBC or Yahoo now you can read your Gmail ,read BBC or SlashDot news ,all on main Google page check out http://www.google.com/ig
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 20, 2005
  • A technical dream?

    well seems weird but it really happend last night,what i saw in dream(s) that I was reading stuff about AJAX technology and found that every one(offcourse programmers,architect),meeting different programers who are busy in implementing AJAX in different languages.and dont remember what else i saw regarding AJAX,i think its due to my intrest in ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 11, 2005
  • Internet service through electric wires soon

    ISLAMABAD (May 06 2005): A private sector company is introducing internet service through electricity wires to provide low-cost and excellent connectivity in Pakistan. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, DZD Communication Chief Executive Officer Abid Butt said the company would start its operations within three months and connections ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 10, 2005
  • Gmail:mail search

    One of the good thing about google guys that they strive hard to provide easy to use interface for their systems,Gmail provides a facility to search mails in folders by giving Keyword and several other parameters,yesterday i had to check a a website`s control panel Url but i didn`t know the exact Url,only clue i had was port number of plesk ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 10, 2005
  • New Look

    Great,i was unable to access site yesterday night,my ISP was also not being nice with me so i had impression that i am not allowed to access the site,today i just hit the site and it was a wonderful to experience new look of our blog site,initially when i access my blog, I found a very ugly look,after reading the weblogs team post, i was ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 9, 2005
  • Google launches Web Accelerator

    Google has now launched web accelerator to speed up browing,all you have to do is to install a small software,then whenever you visit some page,that software will connect with google machnies,dedicated for acceleration purpose,currently it`s in Beta mode,go here to find out more details.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 5, 2005
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