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  • something about AJAX

    AJAX is like a hotcake these days,whether you read MS blogs or IBM blogs,almost everyone has become victom of AJAX,different APIs,wrappers are being launched by different vendors,for instance,there is a .NET wrapper available to provide AJAX features on your website AJAX is not some new technology,this is almost 10 years old techhnology or maybe ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 2, 2005
  • Track your Google Search results

    like many web surfers,i also use Google frequently for searching and have always wished to keep track of of searches i made in past,i can`t keep going in Webhistory and click the pages again,even,in presence of Google Desktop Search,i can`t retrieve easily what i searched 2 days before,google now have come up with other fantastic feature,Google ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 21, 2005

    sounds good,in future we might see some flash movie with in PDF or some sort of animation of PDF content in a flash movie?=) read here
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 19, 2005
  • BlogMap

    Hi did anyone tried BLOGMAP(http://www.feedmap.net/blogmap) ?i am having difficulty to enter details about my blog,instead of karachi,its selecting Sanghar..if any karachiite here using it,let me know
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 14, 2005
  • Send sms on Mobilink from Yahoo

    Yes,now you can enjoy Yahoo SMS messenger facility on your mobilink Connection,register your number with Yahoo and get connected ALL the time=)  
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 10, 2005
  • They finally got married

    On April 9,2005,Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles got married,they didn`t wait for an year or two,not for 5 or 6 years,they waited for three and half decades, Camilla who will be called as The Duchess of Cornwall ,supported Charles for long time,even she helped him to propose Lady Diana. Camilla got married with Andrew Parker ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 10, 2005
  • Search definitions in various languages by using Google web search

    Atleast i wasnot aware of this facility untill i read blog of one of google guy,its pretty intresting,in Search box,write define: for instance,I searched P2P ,have a look http://www.google.com/search?q=define:P2P&hl=en&lr=&defl=all the intresting thing is that it gives result in more than one language so its pretty easy now to know the ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 7, 2005
  • intresting april fool hoaxes for 2005

    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 2, 2005
  • MSN Search Spoof

    April fool joke by MS guys http://www.msnsearchspoof.com/index.aspx
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 2, 2005
  • Happy B`day Gmail

    Gmail turns 1 today(1st april) and your gmail inbox is 2GB of size now.its Tooo much for me..its not an April fool joke ,go to,http://gmail.com an intresting javascript counter is running on main page ,telling the current size of your Inbox(just a simulation) =),the more intresting thing is that if you change your system date greater than to ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 2, 2005
  • "Marketing are bad" -MS Word`s Grammer Checker gives dumb result

    Intresting enough,read the whole issue at http://faculty.washington.edu/sandeep/check/ Response from one of MS.Office Developer   http://blogs.msdn.com/Rick_Schaut/archive/2005/03/29/403366.aspx  
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 30, 2005
  • C# jobs at Microsoft

    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 16, 2005
  • A request from all Bloggers

    Hello there is a humble request,please dont post very lengthy articles in Posts section,there is already an Article section on this site,use proper feature of the system to spread your words,its really annoying to visit main page when there is a post of several lines,you can add a post of your article link in your blog entry,second thing that ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 14, 2005
  • An interview with VC++ project manager about ATL/WTL future

    Old but good http://www.codeproject.com/interview/nickhodapp14022002.asp
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 14, 2005
  • Testing

    AoA this blog site looks good,if you ask me,looks better than my other blog i dont find stats option there and many other things like Articles sections,links section etc etc if it works well,i will migrate on this site   tata  
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 8, 2005
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