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  • Google toolbar:bookmarking the selected text

    I have been using using Google Boomarks via toolbar for long time. Unlike Delicious and other bookmarking services I am able to manage my bookmarks universally by using existing installed tools. With the newer version of Google toolbar you can now bookmark the particular portion of the web page rather than book marking the entire page. Now if ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on February 18, 2009
  • Portable Applications

    A portable application is a software which doesn't require formal installation and could be run from any removable device(USB,CDROM).  Portable applications are useful for those apps which you don't use frequently but occupy more space in your hard disk. There are many useful apps which are available for your portable USB drive like FireFox ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 3, 2007
  • Y!Slow- Not so Slow

    Yahoo Developers have come up with a tool to check the performance of your website. A good attempt though it doesn't sound much useful when it gets integrated with FireBug because most of the things are already being checked by Firebug but the interesting thing is that JSLint is integrated in it which could expose your Javascript programming ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 25, 2007
  • Quran chip for Mobiles

    Now you can turn your mobile into a digital Quran. All you need a chip which would make your mobile a digital Quran. I always respect those people who utilize their skills to spread Islam by different means specially by using latest computer technologies. Visit here to know further about this product.  via TeeEmm   Technorati tags: ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 20, 2007
  • Mobile Web Server

    While searching for accessing Desktop Webserver via Sony Ericsson's W800i Mobile, I found an amazing article about using php,mysql and apache on mobile, yes all will be installed in your flash/USB drives and you can use a portable Web server with php Installed. Uniform Server allows you to use all these things in a single package via your mobile. ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 4, 2007
  • Blogging from Microsoft Live Writer

    So far So good. When you select ''Community Server'' from drop down list, it will ask to provide DOMAIN NAME in the url,something like http://<hostname>/blog/metblog.ashx ,something like that, Replace the Hostname with weblogs.com.pk, DO NOT REMOVE REST OF THE THING, now your URL would become something like weblogs.com.pk/blog/metblog... ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 2, 2007
  • Search Technorati via Google toolbar

    Long time back I made entry about technorati button for Google but at that time it was for IE only. Since google toolbar with Buttons available for both FireFox and IE now, you can create your own powerful buttons with minimum efforts. For Instance I used to check my POP emails in XML feed format on Google toolbar  but it was risky and one ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on January 15, 2007
  • i Called 'iPhone' first -Cisco reacts

    From BBC  Cisco Systems is suing Apple for trademark infringement in a US federal court, for using the iPhone name.   Apple's Reaction: ..the lawsuit was ''silly'' and that Cisco's trademark registration was ''tenuous at best''.   Tagged:iphone  
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on January 11, 2007
  • Macworld2007:Revolutionizing Userinterfaces

    Ok finally long awaited iPhone is revealed. Steve jobs sharing his thoughts and products offcourse in MacWorld 2007. I really loved the multitouch technology and I am sure that other vendors going to adapt this technology in upcoming versions. Running OS X as operating system, ipHone has builtin iPod facility. Read yourself further on this website ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on January 10, 2007
  • Steve Jobs at MacWorld

    It's always lovely to listen steve jobs, whether he talks about computing,marketing or about life, he makes sense. Recently Steve jobs was sharing new Apple products and I must say that  I couldn't say anything but ''WOW!''. You can have an audio and video version right here.    Enjoy the moments!  
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on January 9, 2007
  • JS debugger for IE

    For those who dislikes using VS IDE as a JS debugger, here is a solution for them, DebuBar. It's not as good as FireBug but I didn't find some other better and neater solution than this one. If anyone knows some good JS debugger for IE then kindly let me know.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on December 18, 2006
  • Search engine for APIs!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This is something which I wanted for a long time. GotAPI is an AJAX based search engine which can go thru APIs documentationand return the exact math. The auto complete method is very cool. See below: and if you want then you can also take part by adding your OWN set of APIs and others. News Credit: Ajaxian
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on December 9, 2006
  • Youtube on your hard disk

    Maybe this service is not new for you but I recently discovered it. KeepVid can download video files from services like youTube,Google Video,MEtacafe etc which you can later watch offline. The files which are used by these services are FLV Files which can viewed on flash video player. You can also convert them in other formats like AVI , MPEG4 as ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 16, 2006
  • I want to leave Computer field:(

    I shared this few days back but the thing I am going to share now is just UDHAM. DRAW, a webbased tool for creating basic graphics. It's amazing. The good thing is that its compatible with IE and FF.I have decide to start CHOLAY CHAAT business and my friend Kumar is ready to learn iron welding. We have no other choice. We can't learn so many new ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 6, 2006
  • Source code for MSN quran bot

    I already made a post about this attempt of mine. I had been planning to release the code free for others so that they can use it in their applications which requires instant messaging via MSN but was not getting time or I say, was being a lazy soul to open up an IDE ,make changes and than zip it for uploading :-). Anyway, one can download source ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 3, 2006
  • 9 reasons for not upgrading to FF 2.0

    I will not be baised towards FF anyway to hide bad things about it. Slashdot reports about 9 reasons to stick on FF 1.5 till the release of FF 3.0.I would still like to install it on my VPC version of Windows 2000.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 29, 2006
  • MSN Quran

    For details ,visit my other blogI Used C# APIs to write my system.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on October 21, 2006
  • My 'Mysql to JSON class' is ranked 3rd

    Alhamdolillah,this morning I got two good news.First was my increment letter :-) and another was by phpclass management that my class is ranked 3rd in innovation award of July 2006.I already posted about this class last month.The excerpt of email is given below:Congratulations Adnan,This is a notification message to let you know that your package ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 2, 2006
  • ActiveX control development and ATL

    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 29, 2006
  • FireFox2.0 for Developers

    FireFox 2.x is already out in Beta state but I didn't feel OK to download the 'beta' version for various reasons and one of them is 'extensions'.I am not sure whether extensions are backward compatible or not.I believe they are not because majority of extensions' max version is not greater than 2.Anyway,this morning I got chance to review things ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 21, 2006
  • My class in Top 10

    My class Mysql to JSON is ranked 8th  this week in Top Downloaded Class section.Its pretty good I guess because it was recently published on php classes website.Since this page is changed every week so I have taken a snapshot as a proof :D Tagged: JSON,PHP classes,Mysql to JSON,Mysql
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 9, 2006
  • Mysql to JSON:My first ever contribution in Opensource world

    Mysql2JSON is my first ever attempt to do something practically for open source programmers.Yesterday i got email from phpclasses ' editor about approval of my ''class'' and I am very happy about it.I have submitted my class for websites like freshmeat and hotscripts.com.I hope they will approve it as well. About Mysql2Json: This class ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 4, 2006
  • .NET programming for Robots

    Microsoft is entering in world of robots with their existing tools.By using Robotics Studio,you can use your existing skills to make softwares for robots.Channel9 video will provide you more details. Tagged: Robotics studio, .NET
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on June 21, 2006
  • Mozilla for small devices

    Yes you can use it on your Windows Mobile devices and can enjoy tab based browsing experience. Tagged:Minimo
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 18, 2006
  • Firefox memory leak issue

    Firefox users are well aware of memory issue.FireFox eats lots of memory and make things slower.Its actually due to a feature rather some bug.In order to fix this issue,perform following steps write about:config in address bar set browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers  to 0 You can also download leak monitor to check memory ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 15, 2006
  • Technorati Tags search via Google toolbar

    Technorati Tags is a very good and huge database,contains thousands of links from blogs and websites.I often found rare links on the site which were missing on Google as well.Anyway for sake of my own.I just made a google button which searches technorati tag database on the basis of custom preference.You may give your keyword in option box of the ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on May 1, 2006
  • Turbo IDA Technology

    A really nice way of data distribution,seems an efficient algorithm.The important thing is that it is an open source system.a
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 27, 2006
  • Linus create patch to make crossplat form virus run properly

    Intresting news on slashdot.Linux kernel architecture has always impressed me
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 19, 2006
  • Nasa and Opensource

    Like Masood I also love opensource and ppl at NASA also love it.Many of you would already have idea that Mysql is already being used at NASA labs due to amazing performance of the Mysql servers. I came across this article on slashdot post that how NASA is contributing in opensource world.Worldwind tool is as amazing as Google earth and they have ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on April 7, 2006
  • Ajax Write

    Wow,this is called a system,i had made post about Writely,but Ajaxwrite is much much better than Writely,it can open existing Ms Word file on your system,can convert them into PDF,RTF and have lots of other feature as well.I bet google missed the chance to look into this system or maybe they made a decision in hury. P.S: IT works on FireFox ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 24, 2006
  • Paypal goes mobile

    Yes,now you can use your mobiles to pay online payments,too late but very demanding feature.Hope API would be released soon as well.MobileCrunch explains it further
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 23, 2006
  • RSStrom Reader

    If you are a  RSS freak, this is for you ,read and then dispose :>
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 3, 2006
  • OpenID-Identity Managment System

    Today i came across this system while browsing,its really nice idea,concept is like Microsoft's Passport but not centralized,if your blog or site supports OpenID and you have an account,you dont need to create seprate account to make comment,rest of the details are mentioned on site. Khurram can we have this on our blog engine?:)
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 1, 2006
  • Web based gene designer

    Those who are intrested in Human Genome Project or any one else,it's a good news for them to create the gene online via webbased interface.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on February 18, 2006
  • Customized Ajax based Contact Form for Blogger.com or any other side

    In my last post,i mentioined about drawback of AJAX to use it across domain,you get Permission Denied error if you try to access file resides on some other domain,After a 2 days search on Google,i found about Ajaxextended.com, its a php based library which deals with cross domain server side requests without involving xmlhttp Object ,hence you ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on January 10, 2006
  • Next Generation MSN Messenger

    they call it future version of MSN messenger,most of the things are already in Yahoo!, file sharing seems a good feature
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on December 25, 2005
  • Writing applications for Nokia 770

    few posts earlier,i made a post about,nokia`s contribution in Open Source world..now,recently nokia released 770 Tablet Device which is based on modified version of Debian(kinda doubt linux distro). So if you want to write application for this cool device,do try Maemo, it looks promising,you can find Wiki about on same site.
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 23, 2005
  • Riya-Search Photos by People

    Amazing Idea,found the link on friend`s blog
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on November 2, 2005
  • Something about Fiddler

    Fiddler(http://www.fiddlertool.com/fiddler/) is a very handy Javascript debugger tool which let you analyze HTTP headers and Responses. This tool is very very helpful if you are working on AJAX based applications,since you dont actually can view your submitted URL`s response,you cant have idea what`s going on whrn you submit data via ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 29, 2005
  • Microsoft Gadgets

    Back in july,I made a post about Konfabulator,now Microsoft has come up with its own version of Konfabulator,yeah the Microsofr Gadgets,its similar to konfabulator and Apple`s Dashboard, Hey MS guys, comeup with something orignal,first they copied GUI from MAC and now this gadget technology. by the way,if you are intrested in learning ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 14, 2005
  • How to Write a Better DHTML script

    Aaron Boodman the author of amazing FireFox extension which i discussed in one of my previous posts,has written an awesome article about writing DHTML script in proper way, Aaron is working for google and responsible to make changes in UI of blooger.   by the way,attempt is being made for IE version as well,check this out
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 7, 2005
  • The Magic of Google Earth

    Its really a wonderful and amazing experience to view karachi via google earth ,places like Jinnah Terminal,Guru Mandir,Nazimabad,Hill Park or even your OWN home ,you can see them vert clearly on google earth,if anyone needs .KMZ file for Karachi city,do let me know
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on September 3, 2005
  • preview your Gmail messages

    Developed by one of google developer,its greasemonkey script which let you preview mail by right mouse click,now i dont need to click every mail message for reading details,have a look     One thing,its only for Firefox and you would need to install greasemonkey Firefox extension
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 23, 2005
  • What Google Wants?

    Now they have comeup with the latest version 2(BETA) of Google Desktop Search which now called Google Desktop 2,the new version has lots of new features,the most important is side bar or side panel where you can add entire software as a panel,yes,with the help of plugins,one can add entire system in form of Sidebar and can have alert facility ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 22, 2005
  • AJAX everywhere

    This morning when i opened my RSS client,i found atleast four AJAX related Feeds, as you know that AJAX has become a hot issue after the applications like Google Mail or GOogle maps, For sake of knowledge and intrest i am posting those link here,one of them has disscused compatibility of AJAX applications for small devices like ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on August 15, 2005
  • Konfabulator has been acquired by Yahoo !!!

    Before Google Maps and Gmail, i never even imagined that Javascript would be used for advanced Web Applications,its all due to AJAX technology which made it possible. According to slashdot, Konfabulator has been acquired by Yahoo,if you are wondering what is Konfabulator Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X that ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on July 26, 2005
  • Helpful tools for debugging purpose

    1)OfficeSpy 2)OutlookSpy 3)Proces Explorer mAn this tool(PExplorer) is really awesome,tonight it helped me to figure out whether my dll is being loaded with outlook or not coz i was not getting any error to findout the problem,traditional debugging was also not being useful for me(coz i am not too used to of using debugging ...
    Posted to Adnan Siddiqi (Weblog) by kadnan on March 12, 2005
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